OSCAAR Pro Sprints Ready for Third Season

Since their inaugural campaign, the newly-branded OSCAAR Pro Sprints have seen steady growth on a yearly basis, slowly becoming a staple in Ontario’s racing scene.

“I was really impressed sitting back watching,” OSCAAR president Dave Gainforth said. “It’s some of the cleanest, most high intense racing that you’re going to see. If you’ve never took the time to walk up to the fence and watch those guys race, they’re all over the place and they’re giving each other a lot of respect.”

The 2017 campaign saw numbers hit some new record highs, with 27 different competitors running at least one event over the course of the year. The car counts on a weekly basis increased, too, with an average of 13 cars at each of the events. The series saw their most impressive numbers at Grand Bend Speedway (16) and Flamboro Speedway’s Frostoberfest (15).

The series has been a combination of the hard work by leaders Charles Priestley and Jackie Francis, as well as Rob Summers, Glen Blaker, and Ted Greenwood.

“There are definitely people we would like to acknowledge that helped us with the development of not only the cars, but the series and the safety of the series, and the continued growth of this series,” Francis said at the series banquet. “Our goal is to have one of the safest cars out there and one of the fastest mini sprints out there, and this is something that we work towards on a daily basis.”

While the numbers are impressive as they stand right now, it appears that they can only rise higher in the upcoming season. As of right now, there are over 25 drivers registered for the Pro Midget division.

“I think we are a great series – lots of competition and good drivers who put on an amazing show,” 2017 series champion Jordan Hanna said. “This will continue to grow hopefully in the right direction.”

Most of the competitors have confirmed that they will return for the 2018 campaign. There have also been new cars purchased from a variety of talent, as well as others current being built.

“I had a pretty rough season as far as racing, but had a pretty good year as far as watching the rookies come in and see this class grow,” inaugural champion Ted Greenwood said. “I appreciate everything that OSCAAR has done, along with Jackie and Chuck. They’ve done a great thing here, and given senior citizens like myself somewhere to run. I hope the series continue to grow, and I hope we push this series of OSCAAR for another 25 years, if not longer.”

The OSCAAR Pro Sprints will kick off their 2018 campaign at Sunset Speedway as part of the track’s Spring Velocity on May 19.

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