Watson Family Victorious at Autumn Colours Classic

When it came to the OSCAAR Super Late Models at Peterborough Speedway, it was all about the Watson family. Brandon Watson wasted no time getting to the front to win the event for a second straight year, while Glenn Watson was crowned the 2017 series champion with a runner-up.

John Cadman won the first heat ahead of Glenn Watson, Gary Passer, Dustin Jackson, Craig Stevenson, and Robert Bickle.

The second qualifier featured a quick yellow flag when Jamie Richardson spun on Lap 1. Brandon Watson picked up the win ahead of Kimball, Tyler Hawn, Dario Capirchio, Brett Jackson, Richardson, and Mike Hillliard.

Tyler Hawn won the third heat ahead of Brandon Watson, Glenn Watson, Cadman, Gallant, Capirchio, and Bickle.

The last lap of the fourth qualifier saw Kimball spin Passer around. Dustin Jackson picked up the win ahead of Hilliard, Kimball, Passer, Richardson, and Brett Jackson.

Come feature time, Tyler Hawn started pole virtue of his Chase for the Colours victory alongside Charlie Gallant. Brandon Watson qualified third, followed by John Cadman, Glenn Watson, Ryan Kimball, Gary Passer, Mike Hilliard, Dario Capirchio, Jamie Richardson, Brett Jackson, and Dustin Jackson.

Hawn would jump out to the early lead ahead of Brandon Watson, followed by Glenn Watson, Cadman, Passer, and Kimball. Glenn went to make a move underneath Brandon for second on Lap 3, but contact resulted causing Glenn to spin and the first caution.

Hawn got a good restart to keep the lead initially, but Brandon Watson got alongside him on Lap 7, before taking the top spot a lap later. Cadman moved into second on Lap 10 ahead of Kimball, with Hawn back to fourth.

Passer ran fifth as Glenn Watson and Gallant battled side-by-side for sixth behind the lapped Dustin Jackson. Watson got the spot on Lap 12 ahead of Gallant, Brett Jackson, Hilliard, Capirchio and Richardson. Capirchio then made his way by Hilliard on Lap 18 to move up to ninth, while Watson passed Passer for fifth on Lap 21 as they passed the lapped Hilliard. The shuffling continued with Brett Jackson passing Gallant for seventh at the halfway mark.

With 26 laps on the board, Brandon Watson led Cadman, Kimball, Glenn Watson, Hawn, Passer, Brett Jackson, Gallant, Capirchio, Hilliard, and Richardson. Hilliard would make his way down pit road on Lap 38. Meanwhile, Cadman had been trying to work at closing the gap between himself and the leader, but was held up behind the lap car of Jackson. After being held up for at least 10 laps, Cadman would make contact with Jackson, spinning him around for the caution at Lap 39.

Brandon Watson got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Kimball, Glenn Watson, Hawn, Passer, Cadman, Jackson, Gallant, and Capirchio. Glenn then got alongside Kimball for second at Lap 42, completing the pass with seven laps to go. Cadman would also continue to move forward, passing Passer for fifth at Lap 44, followed by a move on Hawn for fourth with two laps to go.

Brandon Watson picked up the win ahead of Glenn Watson, Ryan Kimball, John Cadman, Tyler Hawn, Gary Passer, Brett Jackson, Charlie Gallant, Dario Capirchio, and Jamie Richardson. The runner-up was enough for Glenn to clinch the 2017 OSCAAR Super Late Model Championship.

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