Peterborough Speedway

Griffin Powell Holds off Hard Charging Field at Peterborough Speedway

Despite being challenged from start to finish, Griffin Powell did everything he needed to en route to winning the Autumn Colours Classic Four Fun feature at Peterborough Speedway.

Rob Crick won the first heat ahead of the 92, Jacob Kelly, Bayden Powell, the 90, Jeff Stewart, and Scott Simpson.

Chad Strawn won the second qualifier ahead of Griffin Powell, Malcolm MacDonald, Chris Tubman, Dave Feeney, the 29, and Scott Brooks as Tiffany Vanderbelt blew her motor.

Jeremy Kelly won the third heat ahead of Keith Parkes, Phil Givens, Connor Parkes, Jassen Whyte, and the 26.

Jacob Kelly won the fourth qualifier ahead of the 90, the 92, Crick, Stewart, Bayden Powell, and Dylan Wills.

Andy Wheller would get into the 29 on the opening lap of the fifth heat. Chris Tubman picked up the win ahead of Griffin Powell, Feeney, MacDonald, Strawn, Brooks, and the 29.

Jeremy Kelly went for the daily double ahead of Givens, Connor Parkes, the 26, Jason Whyte, Keith Parkes, the 404, Mike Feeney, Raymond Boundy, and Billy Jessup Jr.

Come feature time, Griffin Powell started pole ahead of Jeremy Kelly, Jacob Kelly, Rob Crick, Chris Tubman, Chad Strawn, Connor Parkes, Phil Givens, the 90, Malcolm MacDonald, and the 92.

Powell jumped out to the early lead, followed by Jacob Kelly, Chris Tubman, Jeremy Kelly, Rob Crick and Connor Parkes. The 90 would try to pass Parkes, but was unable to, with Givens giving it a shot on Lap 4. The caution then came out on Lap 5 as the 90 and 01 both ran into problems.

Powell got a good restart as Tubman and Jacob Kelly ran side-by-side for second.  Tubman got the spot on Lap 6 ahead of Kelly, with Jeremy Kelly fourth ahead of Givens, as Crick and Parkes battled for sixth. Parkes got the spot on Lap 8, with Strawn looking to follow him through.

The battle for the lead got interesting at Lap 9 as Tubman got into Powell, but it wasn’t enough as Powell held on to the top spot. Jeremy Kelly continued to run third ahead of Jacob Kelly, Givens, Parkes, Crick, Strawn, Dave Feeney, Andy Wheller, Bayden Powell, and Mike Feeney. Strawn would then get alongside Crick for seventh, completing the pass on Lap 15.

Unfortunately, Given’s strong run came to an end on Lap 17 after he hit the wall following contact with the No. 29 after he’d gone a lap down. The restart resulted in the third caution due to a multi-car wreck involving Kyle Neumister, Jeff Stewart, Andy Wheller, and Mike Feeney.

Powell got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Chris Tubman, Jacob Kelly, Jeremy Kelly, Connor Parkes, Chad Strawn, and Dave Feeney. Over the next six laps, Jeremy Kelly dropped back numerous spots as he passed by Parkes, Strawn, Feeney and Crick to bump him back to eighth. Crick was then able to get by Feeney on Lap 25 to move up into sixth, bringing Jeremy Kelly through with him.

Dave Feeney now ran eighth ahead of the 26, as Bayden Powell battled 404 for 10th ahead of Billy Jessup Jr. and the 29. Feeney then moved up into seventh, with the 26 challenging Jeremy Kelly for eighth at Lap 29. Ahead of them, Strawn tried to pass Parkes for fourth, but was unable to follow through as Crick continued to run sixth.

With 32 laps on the board, Griffin Powell continued to lead Chris Tubman, as Parkes got alongside Jacob Kelly for third ahead of Strawn. Through traffic, Tubman was able to get alongside Powell for the lead with seven laps to go, but was unable to complete the pass. Behind them, Parkes moved into third ahead of Jacob Kelly, Strawn, Crick, Feeney, the 26, Jeremy Kelly, the 404, and Bayden Powell.

Griffin Powell picked up the win ahead of Chris Tubman, Connor Parkes, Jacob Kelly, Chad Strawn, Rob Crick, Dave Feeney, the 26, Jeremy Kelly, the 404, and Bayden Powell.

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