Flamboro Speedway

Kenny McNicol Scores Feature Victory at Flamboro Speedway

Kenny McNicol continues to add hardware to his collection as he backed up his Great Canadian Delaware victory with a win on Sunday night at Flamboro Speedway.

Following the first 30-lap affair, the invert put Derek Jackson on pole ahead of Steve Book, Kenny McNicol, Randy Rusnell, Andrew Ferreira, Brandon Passer, Dennis Cybalski, Brandon McFerran, Shawn Arnott, Carson Nagy, Kevin Gallant, Ken Grubb, Treyten Lapcevich, Nick Troback, Chris Howse, Nick Clarke, Trevor Collver, Jaeger McMaster, Jeremy Bean, Brad Collison, Brandon Feeney, and Brent Wheller.

The start of the feature saw Brook get sideways coming to the green, hitting Jackson, creating a chain reaction that saw drivers scattering to try and avoid, with contact throughout. By the time the contact was over, the following drivers were also collected – Troback, Arnott, Collver, Clarke, McFerran, and Howse.

With the shuffling complete, McNicol went to the front ahead of Rusnell, Ferreira, Passer, Cybalski, Nagy, Gallant, Grubb, Lapcevich, Bean, McMaster, Collison, Feeney, Clarke, McFerran, Howse, Collver, Troback, and Arnott.

Kenny McNicol got a good restart, keeping the top spot ahead of Ferreira, Cybalski, Gallant, Passer and Lapcevich with Rusnell back to seventh. Grubb ran eighth ahead of McMaster, Grubb, Howse, Nagy, Arnott, Bean, McFerran, Collison, Collver, and Troback. McFerran would then get by Bean on Lap 10 to take over 14th.

The second caution came out on Lap 13 for Gallant rolling to a stop, overheating on the frontstretch. With 38 laps to go, McNicol led Ferreira, Cybalski, Lapcevich, McMaster, Grubb, Passer, Howse, Arnott, Rusnell, Nagy, and McFerran.

McNicol got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Ferreira, Cybalski, and McMaster, as Lapcevich and Grubb battled for fifth. Grubb got the spot on Lap 16, with Howse also slipping by Lapcevich. The third caution came out a lap later, though, for an incident down the backstretch that saw Arnott blow a tire, taking McFerran, Bean and Collison with him.

McNicol got another good restart ahead of Ferreira and Cybalski as Grubb moved up into fourth ahead of Lapcevich, Howse, McMaster, Passer, and Troback. McMaster then began to move forward, passing Howse for sixth with five laps to go.

Kenny McNicol Jr. picked up the feature win ahead of Andrew Ferreira, Dennis Cybalski, Ken Grubb, and Jager McMaster. The fourth-place was enough for Grubb to take the overall victory and the igloo. Treyten Lapcevich finished sixth, after being passed on the last lap; he would’ve remained fifth, he would’ve gotten the overall.

Chris Howse finished seventh, followed by Brandon Psaser, Nick Troback, and Carson Nagy. Shawn Arnott placed 11th, followed by Randy Rusnell, Trevor Collver, Nick Clarke, and Brandon Feeney. Brandon McFerran finished 16th, followed by Jeremy Bean, Brad Collison, Kevin Gallant, Derek Jackson, and Steve Book.


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