Flamboro Speedway

Nick Clarke Scores OSCAAR Hot Rod Feature Victory at Flamboro

Making his OSCAAR Hot Rod Series debut, Nick Clarke scored his first career feature victory on Saturday night at Flamboro Speedway.

With the class still growing and cars not yet completed, there was a low car count for this weekend with only four cars signing in the back gate. While it’s disappointing after seeing numbers as high as seven for Kawartha Speedway, there is still confidence looking towards the future in what’s to come with the cars currently being built by competitors for debut either later this year or next season.

Nick Clarke had hoped to have his car out sooner this year, but was unable to do so till this weekend. The simple look caught the attention of the fans in the stands, and he led all six laps in the feature to score the victory despite fighting some fuel issues. In victory lane, he expressed enthusiasm for the series’ future, based on his team’s experience so far and who he had spoken to.

Jerry Luckhardt continues to get stronger behind the wheel, making his third career series start with a runner-up finish.

Darryl Stephenson made his series debut, driving the familiar No. 2 Belmont that Tyler Hawn had previously piloted in the past four races. Stephenson got more comfortable with each lap behind the wheel, continuing to find speed en route to a third-place finish.

Adam Misener, who picked up the victory in June, unfortunately failed to start the feature as a result of suffering a mechanical failure in practice. Hopefully his team can make the necessary repairs ahead of the next race as he is always someone to watch.

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