Flamboro Speedway

Jason Keen Wins Canadian Vintage Modified Feature at Flamboro

Taking the lead at the halfway point, Jason Keen led the rest of the way en route to scoring the victory in the Canadian Vintage Modified feature at Flamboro Speedway.

Ian Burney started pole ahead of Jeremy Barton, Bill Stoner, Mike Podd, Daryl Henwood, John Karley, Brian Atkinson, Bob Gilbert, T.J. Marshall, Darren Dryden, Jason Keen, Phil Shaw, and Amanda Stoner.

Barton grabbed the early lead, with Podd and Henwood side-by-side for second, but the caution flew on Lap 2 as a result of Shaw running into problems in turn three.

Podd grabbed the lead on the restart ahead of Atkinson and Keen, but the caution waved again on Lap 3 as Henwood ran into problems in turns three and four.

Podd got a good restart to keep the lead, with Keen slotting into second, as Marshall and Atkinson went side-by-side for third. Marshall got the spot on Lap 4, bringing Dryden through with him to bump Atkinson back to fifth. Gilbert ran sixth ahead of Barton and Karley, till Karley and Bowden both passed Barton on Lap 6. Behind them, Bill Stoner ran ninth ahead of Amanda Stoner and Burney.

While the field strung out mostly single-file, the battle for the lead had everybody on the edge of their seats. On Lap 9, everything came to a head with contact between Keen and Podd. The result was Keen getting the top spot at the halfway mark ahead of Marshall, Dryden and Atkinson with Podd now back to fifth, as Karley and Gilbert went side-by-side for sixth. Their battle was shortly lived, though, as the third caution waved with Atkinson going around in turn two.

Jason Keen got a good restart, leading the rest of the way en route to scoring the victory ahead of T.J. Marshall, Darren Dryden, Mike Podd, John Karley, Bob Gilbert, Jason Bowden, Brian Atkinson, Jeremy Barton, Bill Stoner, Ian Burney, Amanda Stoner, Daryl Henwood, Phil Shaw, and Patrick Reulens.


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