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Cayden Lapcevich Scores Super Stock Feature Victory at Sunset Speedway


With an impressive three-wide move on the start, and holding off all competitors on countless restarts, Cayden Lapcevich would lead flag-to-flag en route to scoring the victory in the St. Onge Recreation Super Stock feature at Sunset Speedway. It marks Lapcevich’s fourth victory of the season as he becomes the fifth straight different winner in victory lane over the past month.

Last week’s feature winner Mike Weeda won the first heat ahead of Jade Franklin, Stan Coe, Dan Archibald, Jason Elliott, Brendan Adams, Luke Gignac, Coltin Everingham and Dustyn Mombourquette.

Lane Zardo won the second heat ahead of Randy Rusnell, Adam Martin, Ryan Semple, Dwight Bell, Troy Jones, Kent Constable, Tyler Liscum and Doug Harvey.

Lapcevich won the third heat ahead of Donny Munce, Matt Bentley, Johnny Morrison, Chris Howse, Paul Allard, Candiss Everingham and William Hughes.

Elliott would win the b-main ahead of Bell, Howse, Adams, Gignac, Tooley, Liscum, Coltin Everingham, Constable, Allard, Mombourquette, Jones, Harvey, Candiss Everingham and Hughes.

Come feature time, Johnny Morrison would start pole behind the wheel of the No. 83 Radical Rods and Rides, Freddie’s “Dam Good” Frys, Renaud Boys, JB Barns, Hot Spot, Fox’s Bakery, Bent By Kent Nova ahead of Dwight Bell, Cayden Lapcevich, Dan Archibald, Stan Coe, Chris Howse, Adam Martin, Randy Rusnell, Brendan Adams, Jade Franklin, Donny Munce, Ryan Semple, Mike Weeda, Matt Bentley, Lane Zardo, Luke Gignac, Nick Tooley, Tyler Liscum, Coltin Everingham, Kent Constable, Tyler Liscum, Troy Jones, Doug Harvey, Candiss Everingham, Jason Elliott and Dustyn Mombourquette.

Right off the drop of the green flag, Lapcevich would make it three-wide for the lead between himself, Bell and Morrison, putting the No. 76 Tim Hortons, Castrol, Cathcart Trucking, Springers Meats, EPIC Racewear and Troy Cove Marine Super Stock into the lead. Bell would run second ahead of Archibald, Morrison, Coe and Howse. Franklin would get alongside Howse for sixth as the caution flew on lap four for debris as the tail cone came off of Liscum’s car.

Lapcevich would get a good restart to keep the lead as Archibald moved up into second ahead of Bell. Though the caution would fly once again as a result of a pile-up in turn three and four. The inside line would get bunched up when Rusnell got a little sideways, resulting in contact throughout the field. Constable, Elliott and Gignac would sustain enough damage to be done for the feature, while Harvey and Allard were both able to continue. With 26 laps to go, Lapcevich led Archibald, Bell, Coe, Morrison, Martin, Howse, Weeda, Franklin, Adams, Rusnell, Zardo, Semple, Munce, Bentley, Coltin Everingham and Tooley.

The restart would see a battle for the lead between Lapcevich and Archibald, with Lapcevich grabbing the advantage on lap seven ahead of Archibald as Coe and Bell battled for third. Coe would get the third spot on lap eight ahead of Bell, while Martin and Morrison battled for fifth. The caution would then fly, though, as Jones got into the turn four wall. With 22 laps to go, Lapcevich led Archibald, Coe, Bell, Martin, Morrison, Weeda, Howse, Rusnell, Zardo, Franklin, Bentley, Adams, Semple, Munce and Coltin Everingham.

Lapcevich would get another good restart to keep the lead ahead of Archibald and Coe as Bell battled Martin for fourth. Coe would then get alongside Archibald for second on lap 11, but was unable to complete the pass, falling back in line.

Zardo, who had been working his way through the field, would move into fourth on lap 14 ahead of Martin and Morrison as Weeda and Bell battled for seventh. Weeda would get the seventh spot on lap 17 ahead of Rusnell with Bell dropping back to ninth ahead of Semple as Howse and Bentley battled for 11th. Rusnell would then get by Weeda to move into the seventh spot with 10 laps to go.

Behind them, Semple would look to be the next person to get by Bell. However, Semple would get into the corner a little too hard, making contact with Bell and spinning him around for the caution. With 10 laps to go, Lapcevich led Archibald, Coe, Zardo, Martin, Morrison, Rusnell, Weeda, Bentley, Franklin, Howse, Adams, Munce, Coltin Everingham and Liscum.

Lapcevich would get a good restart to hold serve ahead of Archibald as Coe and Zardo battled for third ahead of Martin and Rusnell. Coe would get the spot on lap 25, with Martin getting alongside Zardo for fourth while Rusnell and Bentley battled for sixth. Martin would get the fourth spot ahead of Zardo with a couple laps to go, but on the final lap, Zardo would make contact with Martin down the backstretch, causing Martin to spin around. The caution would then fly.

With the race being on the final lap, the decision was made by race officials to call the feature. As a result, Cayden Lapcevich picked up the win ahead of Dan Archibald, Stan Coe, Matt Bentley, Lane Zardo, Randy Rusnell, Johnny Morrison, Mike Weeda, Chris Howse, Jade Franklin, Brendan Adams, Tyler Liscum, Nick Tooley and Coltin Everingham.

Please note that these results are highly unofficial outside of the top-five as a result of the call to end of the event.

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