Race Reports

Lane Zardo Scores Super Stock Spring Velocity Feature Victory at Sunset Speedway

INNISFIL, Ontario — The day may not have started off smoothly for Lane Zardo, however he still finished Spring Velocity at Sunset Speedway at the top of the mountain.

It would not be a smooth start to qualifying, with fluid being laid all the way around the track for a lengthy clean up after an oil line broke for Lane Zardo. Cole Burrows would get sideways in the fluid entering turn three, going around and just tagging the wall a little bit with the back corner of the car. Cory McAllister survived the restart afterwards to win followed by Roy Wilkie, Coltin Everingham, Connor Maltese, and Burrows.

Dwayne Baker won the second heat ahead of Gerrit Tiemersma, Paul Pepper, Nick Tooley, Johnny Morrison, and Jason Parker.

Come feature time, Gerrit Tiemersma started pole in front of Roy Wilkie, Dwayne Baker, Cory McAllister, Coltin Everingham, Paul Pepper, Connor Maltese, Nick Tooley, Cole Burrows, Johnny Morrison, Lane Zardo, and Jason Parker.

Gerrit Tiemersma grabbed the early advantage in front of Baker and Wilkie, with McAllister and Pepper side-by-side for fourth ahead of Tooley, Morrison, and Parker. Zardo would get alongside Parker for eighth on Lap 4, with Pepper holding onto fourth. Instead, Tooley got by McAllister for fifth on Lap 7, with Zardo up to seventh in front of Parker, Morrison, and Maltese.

Tooley continued moving forward, challenging Pepper for fourth on Lap 9, with Zardo taking them three-wide a lap later. However, all eyes shifted to the front as Baker tracked down Tiemersma, getting alongside him for the lead. Dwayne Baker took over the top spot on Lap 11 with Tiemersma slotting into second, as both Zardo and Pepper passed Wilkie in the next couple laps.

The passing wasn’t done there, with Tooley passing Wilkie for fifth on Lap 16. McAllsiter ran seventh, with Morrison and Parker side-by-side for eighth, as Maltese and Everingham battled for 10th. McAllister then made his way around Wilkie for sixth on Lap 19, with Zardo getting by Tiemersma for second a lap later. Tooley then returned the challenge to Pepper for fourth, taking over the spot on Lap 22.

With seven laps to go, Lane Zardo’s charge through the field would be complete, as he’d get alongside Dwayne Baker for the lead. He’d complete the pass a lap later, pacing the field the rest of the way en route to victory. Gerrit Tiemersma held onto third, with Nick Tooley and Paul Pepper rounding out the podium.

Position Car # Name
1 36 Lane Zardo
2 48 Dwayne Baker
3 17 Gerrit Tiemersma
4 28 Nick Tooley
5 29 Paul Pepper
6 71 Cory McAllister
7 83 Johnny Morrison
8 48X Colton Everingham
9 23 Connor Maltese
10 8 Jason Parker
11 63 Cole Burrows
12 33 Roy Wilkie

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