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Jacob Sutcliffe Scores First Career Mini Stock Feature Victory at Sunset Speedway

INNISFIL, Ontario — It became the race that you did not want to lead, with countless leaders having various issues preventing them from taking the checkered flag. Though once Jacob Sutliffe found his way to the front for the first time, he didn’t look back en route to scoring his first career Mino Stock feature as part of Spring Velocity at Sunset Speedway.

The heats started off with drama, with Paradzinski, Wyatt Sutcliffe, and Bryan Penny three-wide for position resulting in Sprung spinning Penny in turn three. Cameron McGlashan got the win ahead of Doug Butler, Paradzinski, Kyle Fetterly, Cole Rich, Jason D’Antimo, Penny, Jacob Sutcliffe, Wyatt Sutcliffe, and Madisson Tienkamp.

Tyler Seaboyer won the second qualifier in front of John Bird, Doug Wilman, Blaise Shaw, Ryder White, Peter Wakeling, Austyn Jennett, Josh Inglis, and Eric Rainey.

Come feature time, John Bird started pole in front of Doug Butler, Tyler Seaboyer, Cameron McGlashan, Johnny Paradzinski, Doug Wilman, Kyle Fetterly, Blaise Shaw, Ryder White, Jason D’Antimo, Peter Wakeling, Bryan Penny, Josh Inglis, Jacob Sutcliffe, Eric Rainey, Wyatt Sutcliffe, Madisson Tienkamp, and Austyn Jennett.

Doug Butler took the early advantage over McGlashan, with Bird and Wilman side-by-side for third. Seaboyer would put himself in the conversation, making contact with Bird, sending him around. Butler got a good restart to maintain the advantage over McGlashan, with Paradzinski now alongside Wilman. Unfortunately, both Wilman and D’Antimo got loose, both going around off of turn four, with their noses into the wall slightly.

Doug Butler got another good restart, with Paradzinski slotting into second ahead of McGlashan. Shaw had made his way up to fourth in front of White, Fetterly, Penny, Rich, Jacob Sutcliffe, Seaboyer, Bird, D’Antimo, and Wakeling, with Inglis and Jennett side-by-side for 14th.

Shaw would get alongside McGlashan for third on Lap 11, with Seaboyer alongside Sutclife for ninth. Sutcliffe got the spot, passing Rich two laps later for eighth. Shaw was able to clear McGlashan for third as Fetterly remained fourth. White was challenged for fifth by Seaboyer on Lap 16, with him getting the spot a lap later. Unfortunately, White’s run unfolded in a big way as he slowed to a stop on the backstretch for the caution on Lap 17.

Butler got another good restart as Paradzinski and Shaw stayed close behind, with Seaboyer up to fourth in front of McGlashan and Fetterly. Fetterly challenged McGlashan for fifth on Lap 20, but all eyes focused to the front with Paradzinski alongside Butler for the lead.

The battle carried for the next lap, with contact on the backstretch between Paradzinski and Butler as Butler got sideways. It resulted in Butler getting into the outside backstretch wall, taking Shaw with him. Shaw was done for the event, while Paradzinski and Butler were sent to the back of the field. With four laps to go, Seaboyer inherited the lead in front of Fetterly, McGlashan, D’Antimo, Rich, Penny, Wakeling, Sutcliffe, Inglis, Jennett, Rainey, Tienkamp, Paradzinski, and Butler.

The restart saw drama through the whole field, including McGlashan making the save of the year with two to go on the frontstretch after getting loose off turn four. Deep in the field, though, getting sideways wasn’t as beautiful as it resulted in a backstretch incident between Wakeling, Rainey, and Inglis. Under the yellow flag, Seaboyer stopped on the frontstretch with a distributor issue.

The restart would see Fetterly and McGlashan now on the front row, ready to battle for the lead. The pair remained tight, with contact in turn two seeing both go around. With the field tight behind them, the contact carried through the field with Rich and Penny both sideways in the infield grass. All of them would be sent to the back as involved cars, along with D’Antimo for his actions in the contact.

Jacob Sutcliffe inherited the lead by staying out of the trouble, getting a good final restart to cross the finish line first for his first career feature victory. Doug Butler finished second, followed by Austyn Jennett, Jason D’Antimo, and Josh Inglis.

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