Bone Stocks

Brandon Steele Dominates Bone Stock Spring Velocity Feature at Sunset Speedway

INNISFIL, Ontario — Taking the top spot over on lap three, Brandon Steele led the rest of the way en route to winning the Bone Stock feature on Monday as part of Spring Velocity at Sunset Speedway.

Jacob Booth won the first heat in front of Aundrea Lusk, Cash Ireton, Josh Berry, John Haines, Curtis Halliday, and Ben McPherson.

The second qualifier did not start off as Brittney Reece had to be pushed off before the green flag, while Karlie Wilman was forced off-track early due to her muffler dragging. Jordan Owen got the win ahead of Brandon Steele, Nicholas Reece, John Bird, Justice Jones, and Brandon Burnett.

Come feature time, Cash Ireton started pole in front of Brandon Steele, Aundrea Lusk, Jordan Owen, Jacob Booth, Nicholas Reece, Josh Berry, John Bird, John Haines, Justice Jones, Curtis Halliday, Ben McPherson, Karlie Wilman, Greg Duncan, and Brittney Reece.

Unfortunately, Brittney featured the same issue as she did in qualifying, forcing her pit side during the pace laps of the event.

Once the green flag waved, Cash Ireton led in front of Steele, Lusk, Owen, Nicholas Reece, and Booth. Brandon Steele wasted no time, though, taking the lead on the third lap, as Owen challenged Lusk for third. Lusk would pull off the crossover, but was unable to keep third place ahead of him.

Booth would get by Reece for sixth on Lap 6, followed by a pass on Lusk to break into the top-five two laps later. Reece ran seventh, followed by Berry, Jones, Haines, Halliday, and Wilman.

Booth caught up the top-three, tagging the back of Owen on Lap 11, allowing Lusk to pass both of them for position. Reece then got into Owen on Lap 13 for fourth with Booth back to sixth. The attempt was unsuccessful, as Reece held onto the position.

Brandon Steele led the rest of the way en route to winning in front of Cash Ireton, Aundrea Lusk, Jordan Owen, and Jacob Booth.

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