Outlaw Midgets

Mike Bradley Scores Outlaw Midget Spring Velocity Feature Victory

INNISFIL, Ontario — Being consistently up front all day long paid off for Mike Bradley, en route to winning the Outlaw Midget feature at Sunset Speedway.

The night did not start out smoothly as Wayne McKibbon made significant contact with the wall off turn two, ending the first heat early. The series is happy to report that McKibbon is at home resting, following surgery for both of his leg and elbow. We look forward to seeing him and his family back at the track soon.

Mike Bradley was credited with the win ahead of Larry Lawson, Kevin Spiez, Mikey Homewood, Warren Mahoney, Zack Millman, and McKibbon.

Jeff Blackburn won the second qualifier in front of Nick Spiez, Rob Harrison, Kayla Semple, and Jason Semple.

The third heat did not start off how Millman wanted as he slowed during the pace laps with an issue. The race then featured a trio of spins by Kevin Spiez, Mahoney, and Homewood, each not producing a caution. Larry Lawson got the win followed by Bradley, Spiez, Mahoney, and Homewood.

Jeff Blackburn went for the daily double ahead of Nick Spiez, Harrson, Kayla Semple, and Jason Semple.

Come feature time, Jeff Blackburn started pole in front of Mike Bradley, Larry Lawson, Nick Spiez, Kevin Spiez, Rob Harrison, Kayla Semple, Mikey Homewood, Warren Mahoney, Zack Millman, and Jason Semple.

The feature started off on a rough note, with Nick Spiez getting into the grass. The second attempt to start the event went smoothly with Blackburn getting the early advantage over Bradley, Lawson, Kevin Spiez, and Homewood. Unfortunately, Homewood would go around on the frontstretch a lap later, after getting loose and slight contact with Mahoney.

The restart saw the third yellow flag, as Harrison went for the split between a pair, instead getting sideways and going for a spin. The second attempt went smoothly with Blackburn holding serve ahead of Bradley, Lawson, Mahoney, Kevin Spiez, with Nick Spiez back up to sixth in front of Millman, Homewood, and Kayla Semple.

Kevin Spiez continued to move forward, passing Mahoney for fourth on Lap 7, bringing his son Nick Spiez through with him. The father-son combo making their way forward didn’t end there, with both passing Lawson for second and third respectively on Lap 11.

Jeff Blackburn would cross the finish line first, but was disqualified in post-race technical inspection. Mike Bradley was credited with the win, ahead of Kevin and Nick Spiez. Warren Mahoney and Larry Lawson rounded out the podium followed by Mikey Homewood, Kayla Semple, Zack Millman, Jason Semple, and Rob Harrison.

For more information on the Outlaw Midgets, be sure to check out their website at http://www.outlawmidgets.ca. Additionally, you can like their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/outlawmidgets/ and join the “Outlaw Midgets Racing Club Presented by Canadian Tire Innisfil” to keep up with the latest news and information.

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