Peterborough Speedway

Craig Cole Goes From Pumpkin Smasher to ACC Victory Lane

PETERBOROUGH, Ontario — After winning the Pumpkin Smasher at Delaware Speedway, Craig Cole made the trek to Peterborough Speedway to qualify for the Autumn Colours Classic through the b-main. He made the trip worthwhile, driving through the field en route to scoring the feature victory on Sunday.

The feature started off messy with Spencer Riddell taking a trip through the grass. There was no caution, with Phil Givens grabbing the early advantage in front of David Rockwood, Calvin Reesor, Kyle Neuemister, Eric Stewart, and Jacob Booth. Neumeister got alongside Reesor for third on Lap 3, completing the pass a lap later, as Steve Finnegan ran seventh in front of Cameron Thomson.

David Rockwood got alongside Givens for the lead on Lap 6, completing the pass a lap later. The first caution then came out on Lap 8 for Kris Khan going around in turn one, courtesy of Dave Feeney. Givens pitted under the yellow flag, done for the event with a broken wheel bearing. The restart produced another caution, with Curtis Halliday going around, collecting Alex Stewart.

David Rockwood got a good restart with Neumeister up to second in front of Reesor, with Booth getting alongside Reesor for third on Lap 10, as Jordan Wilms ran fifth. Booth got the spot on Lap 11, bringing Wilms through with him as Reesor ran fifth in front of Thomson, Craig Cole, Riddell, and Finnegan. Thomson continued to move forward, passing Reesor for fifth on Lap 15, bringing Wilms through with him, as Riddell looked to follow suit.

Kyle Neumeister took over the lead on Lap 16 in front of Rockwood, Reesor, Cole, Thomson, and Wilms. Booth continued to move forward, passing Rockwood for second on Lap 18, followed by a pass for the lead as Neumeister threaded his way through lap traffic. Rockwood also took advantage, taking second on Lap 20.

With 21 laps on the board, Jacob Booth led Neumeister, Rockwood, Cole, Thomson, Wilms, Riddell, Finnegan, Eric Stewart, Reesor, and the 08. Rockwood got alongside Neumeister for second on Lap 26, taking the spot, followed by a bump to Booth. The caution then came out on Lap 27 for Neumeister and Wilms on the frontstretch.

Booth got a good restart as Cole and Rockwood battled for second, with Cole getting it as Thomson tagged Rockwood. Rockwood would go around, resulting in the yellow flag waving on Lap 30.

Jacob Booth got a good restart, pacing the field the rest of the way en route to the checkered flag. He was disqualified in victory lane for being illegal, giving the victory to Craig Cole. Steve Finnegan finished second, followed by Eric Stewart, Spencer Riddell, Calvin Reesor, and Cash Ireton.

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