Peterborough Speedway

Adrian Kemps Sweeps Ontario Pro Sprint Autumn Colours Classic Features

PETERBOROUGH, Ontario — Showing the same speed everyone has grown used all year long, Adrian Kemps swept the pair of Ontario Pro Sprint features at Peterborough Speedway on Saturday.

For the first feature, Tyler Cullen started pole in front of Adrian Kemps, Wayne McKibbon, Richard Woodland, Ryan Wardell, Ashley Bender, Ryan Brown, Shawn Hie, and the 88.

Tyler Cullen grabbed the early advantage in front of Kemps, Wardell, Bender, Woodland, and McKibbon. The 88 would get by McKibbon for sixth on Lap 3, bringing Brown through with him, as Hie ran 10th. The 88 continued to move forward, passing Woodland for fifth two laps later, once again with Brown following through.

There’d be a change at the front of the field on Lap 6, with Adrian Kemps grabbing the advantage. He would not hold onto it, though, handing it back to Tyler Cullen four laps later. Cullen then got loose a lap later, allowing Kemps to retake the advantage. Their battle was slowed, though, with a caution on Lap 11 for Wardell making contact with the backstretch wall.

Tyler Cullen got a good restart to hold the advantage in front of Kemps, with Bender up to third in front of the 88, Woodland, and Brown. Brown would get by Woodland for fifth on Lap 13, with Hie and McKibbon rounding out the top-seven. Brown’s run hit a snag with two laps to go, as he took a trip through the frontstretch grass.

Adrian Kemps made the late-race pass to take over the lead, pacing the field the rest of the way en route to winning in front of Cullen.

The second feature saw the 88 on pole in front of Shawn Hie, Ryan Brown, Ashley Bender, Wayne McKibbon, Adrian Kemps, Tyler Cullen, and Richard Woodland.

The start was a little messy with contact seeing Kemps lose the rear-cone, with Brown and Bender both done for the event. The cone loss didn’t slow him, as Adrian Kemps led the second lap in front of the 88 and Cullen. Cullen got by the 88 for second on Lap 3, with Woodland running fourth in front of McKibbon and Hie. Hie got alongside McKibbon on Lap 8, completing the pass for fifth a lap later. He continued to move forward, passing Woodland for fourth on Lap 17.

Adrian Kemps picked up the checkered flag in front of Tyler Cullen.

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