Flamboro Speedway

Laila Walser and Jake Spencer-Walt Split Jr Late Model Frostoberfest Features

The young talent coming up in Ontario is certainly full of talent, as the Junior Late Models put on display as part of Frostoberfest on Saturday at Flamboro Speedway. Laila Walser and Jake Spencer-Walt ultimately shined bigger than the rest, in snagging the checkered flags.

In the first feature, Will Quarrie started on pole in front of Jake Spencer-Walt, Laila Walser, Kara Martin, Judah Buesink, Cole Kamrath, Cohen Newman, Grayson Masson, Malachi Buesink, Wyatt Sprung, Keegan Moat, Del Freiburger, Peyton Lewis, Oliver Gibbons, Amber Wallis, Morgan Moore, and Tyler Weber.

Walser and Quarrie battled for the lead off the drop of the green flag, with Spencer-Walt and Martin side-by-side for third. It would not last for long, though, with Quarrie going around off turn four, followed by a spin in turns three and four for Lewis.

Laila Walser grabbed the lead on the restart in front of Spencer-Walt, Martin, Newman, Jodah Buesink, Sprung, Masson, Quarrie, Malachi Buesink, Kamrath, Moat, and Weber. Quarrie would get alongside Sprung for sixth on Lap 6, completing the pass, followed by another on Jodah Buesink to return to the top-five. The caution then came out on Lap 9 for Weber stopping in turn four, with Quarrie going around once again, this time in turn two.

Spencer-Walt and Walser battled for the lead on the restart ahead of Martin, Newman and Jodah Buesink.

The battle for the lead went all the way to the checkered flag, with Laila Walser edging out Jake Spencer-Walt at the line for the win.

The second feature saw Oliver Gibbons start pole in front of Del Freiburger, Peyton Lewis, Keegan Moat, Malachi Buesink, Cole Kamrath, Grayson Masson, Judah Buesink, Will Quarrie, Cohen Newman, Kara Martin, Jake Spencer-Walt, Laila Walser, Tyler Weber, Amber Wallis, and Morgan Moore.

Oliver Gibbons led the first lap in front of Lewis and Newman, with the caution coming out on Lap 2 for Malachi Buesink going around off of turn four. With a single lap on the board, Gibbons led Lewis, Newman, Quarrie, Martin, Kamrath, Moat, Spencer-Walt, Walser, Judah Buesink, Sprung, Weber, and Masson.

Will Quarrie worked his way to the lead on the restart as Martin battled Newman for second, getting the spot on Lap 3, bringing Walser through with her. It would not last long, as Walser spun on Lap 4 in turn four for the second caution. Under the yellow flag, Wallis went around on the front stretch.

The restart brought forth the third caution for Martin going around in turn four. With three laps on the board, Quarrie led Spencer-Walt, Newman, Lewis, Judah Buesink, Kamrath, Moat, Walser, Weber, Masson, Freiburger, and Sprung.

Jake Spencer-Walt got a good restart to grab the lead in front of Quarrie, with Walser back up to third, but the yellow flag waved again as Martin stopped in turn four on Lap 5. Spencer-Walt got a good restart, with Walser alongside Quarrie for second in front of Judah Buesink. The fifth caution broke up the action, when Newman slowed, with Weber making contact with him on the backstretch.

Jake Spencer-Walt led the rest of the way en route to winning in front of Laila Walser, Judah Buesink, Cole Kamrath, Peyton Lewis, Wyatt Sprung, Del Freiburger, Malachi Buesink, Keegan Moat, and Amber Wallis. Oliver Gibbons placed 11th, followed by Morgan Moore, Grayson Moore, Will Quarrie, Cohen Newman, Tyler Weber, and Kara Martin. Alyssa Burnette did not take the green flag.

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