Race Reports

Tyler Cullen Sweeps Ontario Pro Sprint Features at Sunset Speedway’s Fall Velocity

INNISFIL, Ontario — After putting together a stellar championship campaign, Tyler Cullen carried the momentum to Sunset Speedway in scoring the Fall Velocity feature victory.

He won the first feature in front of Ryan Wardell, Adrian Kemps, Mark Hamacher, Ryan Brown, Brian MacDonald, and Wayne McKibbon. There was a quick yellow flag on Lap 6 for Brown going around in turn four.

Come the second feature, Lisa Hamacher led the field to green in front of Mark Hamacher, Ryan Brown, Wayne McKibbon, Brian MacDonald, Tyler Cullen, Adrian Kemps, and Ryan Wardell.

The feature did not start off smoothly, with Mark Hamacher going around in turns one and two. The second attempt saw Lisa Hamacher hold serve in front of Wardell and Brown, with Kemps and Cullen both getting by Brown a lap later as they battled for third. Cullen got the spot on Lap 3, with Ryan Wardell taking the lead a lap later. Cullen moved into second, with Kemps getting by Lisa Hamacher for third. Brown ran fifth in front of Mark Hamacher, McKibbon, and MacDonald.

Mark Hamacher kept making up lost ground, passing Brown for fifth on Lap 7, followed by a pass on Lisa Hamacher for fourth on Lap 12. Everyone would focus their attention back to the front, though, with Cullen and Wardell swapping the lead a couple times from Lap 15 to 17, with Tyler Cullen grabbing the advantage.

Tyler Cullen led the rest of the way to victory in front of Ryan Wardell, Adrian Kemps, Mark Hamacher, Lisa Hamacher, Wayne McKibbon, Brian MacDonald, and Ryan Brown.

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