Ontario Legend Series

Parker Traves Victorious in Canadian Legend Car Fall Velocity Feature at Sunset Speedway

INNISFIL, Ontario — It was a three-way battle down the checkered flag, but a familiar sight emerged in victory lane with Parker Traves winning the Canadian Legend Car Series Fall Velocity feature at Sunset Speedway.

Steve Gargau won the first heat ahead of Paul Perik, Zach Latimer, Glenn Morris, Matt Boyes, Nick Portt, Glenn Lloyd, Hailey McNicol, Jeff McKibbon, and Cody Wilds.

The second qualifier had a quick caution with Wesley Cuthbertson going around in turns one and two on the opening lap. Adam Cuthbertson got the checkered flag in front of Jordan Latimer, Parker Traves, Joe Adams, Wesley Cuthbertson, Josh Inglis, Zach Hatch, the 58, and Sean Walker.

Nick Portt won the third heat ahead of Zach Latimer, Perik, Boyes, Gargau, Morris, Lloyd, McKibbon, McNicol, and Wilds.

Parker Traves was victorious in the fourth qualifier in front of Adam Cuthbertson, Adams, Jordan Latimer, Wesley Cuthbertson, Inglis, the 58, and Walker.

Come feature time, Jordan Latimer led the field to green in front of Steve Gargau, Paul Perik, Zach Latimer, Parker Traves, Adam Cuthbertson, Nick Portt, Joe Adams, Matt Boyes, Wesley Cuthbertson, Glenn Morris, Josh Inglis, the 58, Jeff McKibbon, Sean Walker, Hailey McNicol, Glenn Lloyd, Cody Wilds, and Zach Hatch.

Jordan Latimer grabbed the early advantage on the first lap ahead of Perik, with Gargau and Traves side-by-side for third. Traves got the spot on Lap 2, bringing Adam Cuthbertson through with him. Traves and Cuthbertson continued to move forward, both getting by Perik on Lap 3, as Portt ran fifth in front of Zach Latimer and Gargau. Gargau dropped back further, being passed by Wesley Cuthbertson, Inglis and Adams by Lap 8. Meanwhile, Zach Hatch made his way down pit road at the same time.

Portt got by Perik for fourth on Lap 8, with Wesley Cuthbertson and Inglis getting by Zach Latimer for sixth and seventh a couple laps later. Joe Adams ran ninth in front of the 58 and Gargau.

There was a change at the front on Lap 12, with Parker Traves taking the lead in front of Jordan Latimer, Adam Cuthbertson, Portt, Wesley Cuthbertson and Inglis, as Perik and Adams battled for seventh in front of Zach Latimer. Adam Cuthbertson challenged Jordan Latimer for second on Lap 15, taking the spot a lap later. Wesley Cuthbertson passed Portt for fourth on Lap 18, as Inglis ran sixth in front of the 58, Zach Latimer, Perik, and Gargau. The shuffling continued, with Inglis challenging Portt for fifth with four laps to go.

Parker Traves picked up the victory in front of Adam Cuthbertson, Jordan Latimer, Wesley Cuthbertson, and Josh Inglis.

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