Flamboro Speedway

Nicole Givens Scores Pure Stock Feature at Flamboro Speedway

MILLGROVE, Ontario — The varying degrees of experience and age in the Pure Stock division at Flamboro Speedway are one of the reasons why fans find it so exciting. That shined through on Saturday night through the pair of features.

The first feature saw Jesse Hirtzel start pole in front of Nic Ramsay, Cameron Thomson, Rick Mitchell, Spencer Riddell, Caroline Kelly, Phil Givens, Moses Ruiz, Reece Bourgeois, Alex Stewart, Kyle Lucas, Eric Stewart, Leo Labarbera, Chance Rogers, and Nicole Givens.

Nic Ramsay grabbed the early advantage ahead of Mitchell, but the caution flew on Lap 2 after contact between Ruiz and Alex Stewart resulted in Ruiz flipping over. Thankfully, both drivers would be okay. The restart saw Ramsay hold serve in front of Mitchell, with Thomson third as the yellow flag came out, this time on Lap 5 for Lucas going around.

Ramsay held the lead once again, still in front of Mitchell and Thomson, as Riddell ran fourth in front of Phil Givens and Bourgeois, with Rogers and Eric Stewart side-by-side for sixth. Stewart got the spot on Lap 8 in front of Rogers and Alex Stewart, as Labarbera and Lucas battled for ninth ahead of Hirtzel. Lucas got the spot, getting alongside and passing Alex Stewart for eighth three laps later. Lucas looked to continue moving forward, getting alongside Rogers for seventh.

The focus shifted further towards the front of the field, as Mitchell and Thomson made contact battling for second on Lap 15. Both drivers saved it, but it would allow Riddell to get by Thomson to take over third. Givens would challenge Thomson for fourth three laps later, as Eric Stewart tagged the back of Bourgeois. Givens did not get the spot, instead being challenged for fifth by Bourgeous. Givens held off the challenge, with Stewart grabbing sixth in the process as Lucas looked to follow him through.

Nic Ramsay led the rest of the way en route to the checkered flag, but was ultimately disqualified post-race. Rick Mitchell crossed the finish line in second, followed by Spencer Riddell, Cameron Thomson, Phil Givens, Eric Stewart, Kyle Lucas, Reece Bourgeois, Chance Rogers, and Alex Stewart. Nicole Givens crossed the finish line in 11th, followed by Leo Labarbera and Jesse Hirtzel, while Caroline Kelly and Moses Ruiz did not finish. Mark Allan did not take the green flag.

Leo Labarbera grabbed the early advantage in the second feature ahead of Nicole Givens and Chance Rogers, as Alex Stewart battled Kyle Lucas for fourth, with Reece Bourgeois and Eric Stewart side-by-side for sixth in front of Phil Givens, Cameron Thomson, and Spencer Riddell. Nicole would get alongside Labarbera for the lead on Lap 4, though unable to complete the pass. Instead, she would be challenged for second by Rogers, as the battle for fourth continued behind them. Unfortunately, Rogers’ strong run came to end on Lap 7 as he slowed with a problem on the frontstretch.

Nicole Givens tried again for the top spot on Lap 8, this time snagging the lead as Lucas followed her through for second, with Labarbera back to third as Bourgeois and Alex Stewart battled for fourth. Bourgeois got the spot, challenging Labarbera for third on Lap 12, and getting the spot a lap later. Phil Givens slipped into fourth in front of Eric Stewart, with Thomson side-by-side with Labarbera for fifth, as Mitchell and Alex Stewart battled for seventh. Thomson got fifth on Lap 15, with Mitchell follow him through a lap later to bump Labarbera back to seventh in front of Riddell, Alex Stewart, Rogers, and Hirtzel.

Lucas would get alongside Givens for the lead with two laps to go, but was unable to complete the pass. Nicole Givens led the rest of the way en route to winning ahead of Kyle Lucas, Phil Givens, Reece Bourgeois, Eric Stewart, Cameron Thomson, Rick Mitchell, Leo Labarbera, Spencer Riddell, and Alex Stewart. Chance Rogers and Jesse Hirtzel placed 11th and 12th, while Moses Ruiz failed to finish. Nic Ramsay, Mark Allan, and Caroline Kelly did not take the green flag.

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