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Gerrit Tiemersma leads Flag-to-Flag En Route to Qwick Wick Super Stock Tour Victory

INNISFIL, Ontario — Taking the lead off the drop of the green flag, Gerrit Tiemersma did not look back en route to scoring the feature victory on Saturday night in the Qwick Wick Super Stock Tour event at Sunset Speedway.

Cayden Lapcevich laid down the quickest lap in time trials at 15.477 seconds for a new track record, followed by Brandon McFerran (15.689), Shawn Chenoweth (15.697), Johnny Morrison (15.721), and Miles Tyson (15.732). Though following the invert, it’d be Nic Ramsay on the pole in front of Gerrit Tiemersma, Jason Parker, Chenoweth, Lane Zardo, McFerran, Tyson, Morrison, Lapcevich, Paul Maltese, Marlie Owen, Ryan Dyson, Pete Vandwyst, Trevor Collver, Hudson Nagy, Brandon Feeney, Anthony DiBello, Justin Collison, Nick Troback, David Rockwood, Tyler Hawn, and Randy Rusnell.

The drop of the green flag would see a battle for the lead between Nic Ramsay and Gerrit Tiemersma, with Tiemersma securing the advantage, bringing Chenoweth through with him to second. He was not the only driver to get by Ramsay, with Parker following suit for third a couple laps later. Zardo would get alongside Ramsay for fourth on Lap 5, as Morrison ran sixth in front of McFerran, Tyson and Lapcevich, with Vandwyst and Maltese side-by-side.

Zardo would able to get the fourth position on Lap 8, bringing Morrison through with him, as Lapcevich got alongside Tyson for eighth ahead of Vandwyst. Lapcevich was unable to complete the pass, with Tyson getting alongside McFerran for seventh.

Tyson’s charge forward would go well, ultimately snagging sixth on Lap 13, with McFerran moving into seventh three laps later, in front of Lapcevich, Ramsay, and Maltese, as Collver and Dyson battled for 11th. Tyson was not finished yet, getting alongside Morrison for fifth on Lap 17, completing the pass, followed by another two laps later for fourth on Zardo.

With 22 laps on the board, Tiemersma held serve in front of Chenoweth, Parker, Tyson, Morrison and Zardo, with McFerran and Lapcevich side-by-side for seventh in front of Vandwyst, Ramsay, Maltese, and Dyson, as Rockwood headed down pit road. Lapcevich got the spot, passing Zardo for sixth on Lap 25, bringing McFerran and Vandwyst through with him. Zardo now ran ninth in front of Ramsay, as Ramsay and Maltese battled for 11th in front of Owen, with Collver and Feeney side-by-side for 14th.

Ramsay would challenge Zardo for ninth on Lap 36, while Lapcevich tried to get by Morrison for fifth. McFerran then made it interesting, taking the pair three-wide, allowing Morrison to hold serve. Lapcevich would try again for the spot on Lap 42, able to complete the pass, as DiBello made his way down pit road.

Further up the field, Tyson would get alongside Parker for second, completing the pass with a couple laps to go.

Gerrit Tiemersma led flag-to-flag en route to winning in front of Shawn Chenoweth, Miles Tyson, Jason Parker, and Cayden Lapcevich.

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