Race Reports

Jordan Howse Scores Late Model Victory at Sunset Speedway

INNISFIL, Ontario — On McMaster Buick GMC night at Sunset Speedway, it was the late model sponsored by them visiting victory lane, as Jordan Howse won the feature on Saturday night.

Following qualifying, it’d be Josh Stade starting pole in front of Danny Benedict, Jordan Howse, Dwayne Baker, Travis Hallyburton, Coltin Everingham, Samantha Shaw, Todd Delisle, Keith Temple, Gord Shepherd, and Taylor Holdaway.

Danny Benedict broke out to the early advantage, with Stade and Howse side-by-side for second, as Baker ran fourth in front of Hallyburton and Everingham, with Holdaway and Delisle side-by-side for seventh ahead of Shepherd. Howse snagged the runner-up spot on Lap 4, with Holdaway getting by Everingham for sixth, before the first yellow flag at Lap 6 for debris. With 44 laps to go, Benedict led Howse, Stade, Baker, Hallyburton, Holdaway, Everingham, Shepherd, Delisle, Shaw, and Temple.

Benedict got a good restart as Howse remained second in front of Baker, with Holdaway and Stade side-by-side for fourth, as Shepherd battled Hallyburton for sixth ahead of Everingham, Shaw, and Delisle. Shepherd snagged the sixth spot on Lap 10, with Stade grabbing fourth a lap later.

Shepherd would look to follow him through, with Hallyburton taking Shepherd and Holdaway three-wide. Holdaway held on, with Hallyburton challenging him for fifth as the yellow flag came out for Everingham and Shaw tangling in turn two together.

Benedict got a good restart ahead of Howse, Stade, Hallyburton and Baker, with Holdaway and Shepherd side-by-side for sixth, as Shaw battled Everingham for eighth. Shaw got the spot on Lap 18 ahead of Everingham, Delisle, and Temple, with Shepherd getting sixth a couple laps later.

At the front of the field, Jordan Howse would get alongside Benedict for the lead on Lap 28, taking over the top spot a couple laps later. Behind them, Shepherd would challenge Baker for fifth, though was unable to complete the pass. The race also took a turn with Holdaway heading down pit road with a mechanical issue with 11 laps to go.

Jordan Howse led the rest of the way en route to scoring the victory in front of Danny Benedict, Josh Stade, and Travis Hallyburton. Dwayne Baker out-dueled Gord Shepherd to the checkered flag for fifth, ahead of Samantha Shaw, Coltin Everingham, Todd Delisle, and Keith Temple.

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