Flamboro Speedway

Lane Zardo Holds off Tiemersma for Super Stock Victory at Flamboro Speedway

MILLGROVE, Ontario — Despite being heavily challenged throughout the 50-lap feature, Lane Zardo continues to showcase why he’s the one to beat in super stock competition, winning the Qwick Wick Super Stock Series tour opener at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday.

Lane Zardo timed in quickest during qualifying with a lap of 16.287 seconds ahead of Gerrit Tiemersma (16.432), Ryan Dyson (16.437), Trevor Collver (16.451), and Rick Verberne (16.499). When the invert was done, though, it’d be Verberne leading the field to green in front of Dyson, Tiemersma, Zardo, Roy Wilkie, Shawn Chenoweth, Pete Vanderwyst, Carson Nagy, Nick Troback, Cory McAllister, Jason Parker, Randy Rusnell, Brandon McFerran, Chad Corcoran, Nic Ramsay, Steve Cashmore, and Justin Collison.

The drop of the green saw a battle for the top spot between Rick Verberne and Trevor Collver, with Zardo moving into second as Tiemersma ran side-by-side with Dyson, and Wilkie battled Chenoweth. Tiemerma took over the fourth spot on Lap 3, bringing Wilkie and Chenoweth through with him.

At the front, Collver took sole procession of the top-spot on Lap 4 with Zardo moving past Tiemersma for second ahead of Wilkie, with Chenoweth alongside Verberne for fifth. He was unable to complete the pass, as Nagy ran seventh in front of Vanderwyvst, Dyson, Troback, McAllister, Rusnell, and Corcoran.

Lane Zardo would track down Collver for the top spot, getting alongside him for the lead on Lap 9. The battle did not last long, with the No. 36 taking the top spot just two laps later. Tiemersma tried to follow him through, but was unable to do so, as Wilkie continued to run fourth in front of Verberne, Chenoweth, Nagy, Vanderwyvst, Troback, McAllister, Rusnell, Corcoran, Parker, Ramsay, and McFerran.

Chenoweth would get back alongside Verberne for fifth on Lap 16, completing the pass, bringing Nagy, Vanderwyvst and Dyson through with him over the next four laps. Verberne now ran ninth in front of Troback, McAllister, Rusnell, and Corcoran, as Collison headed pit side after fighting mechanical issues all-day.

Vanderwyst made his move forward, getting alongside Nagy for sixth on Lap 22, and completing the pass a lap later. The shuffling continued with Troback by Verberne for ninth on Lap 31, along with McFerran by Parker for 13th a lap later. Rusnell would then get by McAllister for 11th on Lap 34, with McFerran pulling off a lap later due to issues.

The battles inside the top-five would get interesting as the laps winded down, with Tiemersma now up to second, right on Zardo’s back bumper for the top spot. Wilkie would track down Collver for third, with Collver going wide in turns one and two to open the door for Wilkie to get the spot on Lap 43. Competitors unfortunately continued to fall off, with Chenoweth heading pit side with just three laps remaining on the board.

Lane Zardo led the rest of the way to score the victory in front of Gerrit Tiemersma, Roy Wilkie, Pete Vanderwyst, and Carson Nagy. Trevor Collver placed sixth, followed by Ryan Dyson, Nick Troback, Rick Verberne, and Randy Rusnell. Cory McAllister was 11th in front of Jason Parker, Nic Ramsay, Chad Corcoran, Steve Cashmore, Shawn Chenoweth, Brandon McFerran, and Justin Collison.

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