Jr Late Models

Ryder White Scores Second Straight Sunset Speedway Victory

Taking a commanding advantage in the early laps of the feature, Ryder White led the rest of the way en route to winning the Jr Late Model feature at Sunset Speedway on Saturday night.

Ryder White won the first heat in front of Jake Spencer-Walt, Laila Walser, Oliver Ferguson, Brandan Magee, Del Freibruger, Cole Kamrath, Keegan Moat, and Morgan Moore.

Ryder White went for the daily double in front of Ferguson, Spencer-Walt, Walser, Magee, Moat, Freiburger, Kamrath, and Moore.

Come feature time, Jake Spencer-Walt started pole in front of Ryder White, Oliver Ferguson, Laila Walser, Brandan Magee, Del Freiburger, Keegan Moat, Cole Kamrath, and Morgan Moore.

Ryder White grabbed the lead on the opening lap ahead of Spencer-Walt and Walser, with the yellow flag flying on Lap 2 for Freiburger going around in turn two.

White got a good restart to maintain the advantage ahead of Spencer-Walt, Walser, Ferguson, Magee and Freiburger, with Kamrath and Moat side-by-side for seventh ahead of Moore. However, the yellow flag returned on Lap 6 for Freiburger going around once again, this time in turn four.

White got a good restart, as Walser got alongside Spencer-Walt for second ahead of Ferguson and Magee, with Kamrath and Moat still battling. Kamrath got the spot with Freiburger looking to follow him through, but the yellow flag waved again on Lap 10 for Walser going around in turn two. Spencer-Walt was deemed an involved car, sent to the back of the pack for the restart.

White kept the good restarts coming, holding serve with Ferguson up to second in front of Magee, Walser, Spencer-Walt, and Freiburger. Walser then got by Magee for third on Lap 12, bringing Spencer-Walt through with her. Spencer-Walt then got alongside her for third three laps later, completing the pass on Lap 16.

Ryder White picked up the checkered flag in front of Oliver Ferguson, Jake Spencer-Walt, Laila Walser, Brandan Magee, Del Freiburger, Cole Kamrath, Keegan Moat, and Morgan Moore.

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