Bone Stocks

Jacob Booth Survives Chaos to Score Bone Stock Victory

When the dust settled after the last couple of laps in the Bone Stock feature, it was Jacob Booth coming out on top with the victory on Saturday night at Sunset Speedway.

Jordan Owen won the first heat in front of Jack Bird, Aundrea Lusk, Austyn Jennett, Nicholas Reece, and Cash Ireton.

Calvin Reesor won the second qualifier ahead of Jacob Booth, Andrew Shilling, Michael Robinson III, and Karlie Wilman.

Jordan Owen went for the daily double in front of Lusk, Bird, Jennett, Ireton, and Reece.

Jacob Booth won the fourth qualifier ahead of Reesor, Shilling, Robinson III, and Wilman.

Come feature time, Calvin Reesor started pole in front of Jordan Owen, Jacob Booth, Jack Bird, Aundrea Lusk, Andrew Shilling, Austyn Jennett, Mike Robinson II, Karlie Wilman, Nicholas Reece, and Cash Ireton.

The drop of the green flag saw a battle for the top spot between Reesor and Owen, with Owen taking the top spot on Lap 3 in front of Reesor, Lusk, Booth, Shilling, Jennett, Bird, Robinson III, Wilman, Reece, and Ireton. A mechanical issue would cause Shilling to slow on Lap 10, allowing Jennett to get by for fifth. Bird would then get by Shilling as well three laps later, though was passed back on Lap 15.

The race appeared to have a green-flag feel with everyone spread out, until a late-race yellow flag with two laps to go for Lusk going around on the backstretch.

The restart produced chaos with battles through the field for positions. As they came off turn four, contact from Booth to Reesor would get Reesor sideways, with Owen slowing up in the process. The result was both Booth and Shilling splitting the middle as the field all tried to stay off of each other as much as they could while sideways.

The move paid off, with Jacob Booth scoring the victory in front of Andrew Shilling, Jordan Owen, Calvin Reesor, and Austyn Jennett. Mike Robinson III finished sixth, followed by Aundrea Lusk, Jack Bird, Cash Ireton, Karlie Wilman, and Nicholas Reece.

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