Flamboro Speedway

Keeping an Eye On…… Super Stocks

Each week, this will be the column that takes a look at a division’s past weekend of racing, combined with the week ahead to highlight what should be on the minds of all race fans.

We’re two weeks in the books, and the Super Stocks are off to the races in a big way with three events across two tracks already in the books.

The story at Flamboro Speedway thus far is simple – Lane Zardo (pre-season ranked #1). Three races, and each of them have resulted in a trip to victory lane. Oh, and Roy Wilkie finished second through all of those as well. So the dominance has been established at the Hamilton oval for the pair of them.

Randy Rusnell could have won the opening night, but mechanical issues swayed that away. Instead, he has scored a runner-up and a pair of fourths to open the season. Justin Collison (pre-season ranked #7) is driving a different car than usual, managing only a third and pair of sixths thus far.

The story at Sunset Speedway is only one night in the books, but with interest on everybody’s minds. If you’re looking at early contenders for race of the year, this could be one of those already. Brandon Passer (pre-season ranked #5) made the move at the right time – and when it was absolutely necessary to do so for the win, with a bump-and-run for Andy Kamrath. Behind the wheel of the No. 29 for Paul Pepper, he led until the final laps when the ultimate bump occurred.

The other end of the spectrum was the contact between Dan Archibald (pre-season ranked #10) and Gerrit Tiemersma (pre-season ranked #6), with both of them rebounding from fourth and seventh afterwards. It bodes interest as to what is to come in the weeks that will follow.

Johnny Morrison (pre-season ranked #25) continued showing his late season speed with a third-place finish to add to the charm.

Moving into this weekend, it will definitely offer a bigger broader view of the division. You have Delaware Speedway opening up, with another weekend of battle at both Flamboro Speedway and Sunset Speedway. The cream usually always rises to the top, so look for the contenders for the yearly top list to begin shining.

Delaware creates the most interest, with other faces looking to join the usual regulars. How will that shake up the weekly show there? It could make it the hot ticket item of 2022.

Early Power Rankings

As of: 2 Weeks Completed – May 7 – Flamboro Speedway (three races), Sunset Speedway (one race)

  1. Brandon Passer
  2. Lane Zardo
  3. Andy Kamrath
  4. Johnny Morrison
  5. Roy Wilkie
  6. Dan Archibald
  7. Cory McAllister
  8. Randy Rusnell
  9. Gerrit Tiemersma
  10. Justin Collison


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