Press Release

B-Fee Motorsports Welcomes Back Boundy Roofing

As Brandon Feeney and B-Fee Motorsports begin to put together plans for the upcoming 2022 season, they are ensuring all signs point to success – and that’s why they’ve welcomed back Boundy Roofing.

With having been in business since 2004, their mission is to provide a high-quality roof at a low cost. Whether it’s shingles or a metal roof, they promise it will be installed quickly, and leak-free. You can find out more information by e-mailing the boss at

Feeney will hope to carry them to success in Super Stock competition. After scoring top-10’s in both Ontario Legends Series and Limited Late Models last year, Feeney purchased a new super stock for the upcoming campaign that has proven to be a winner in the past. Since then, he has been working on it to ensure the team has as much success as possible.

Boundy Roofing joins Liqui Moly, Auto Tires and Safties, Platinum RV Sales n Service, and Pioneer Plumbing as a sponsor for Feeney in 2022. Additional marketing partners will be revealed as the season nears closer. B-Fee Motorsports is also looking for more sponsors to jump on-board, and encourages any of those interested to get in touch.

Fans are encouraged to keep up with Feeney by liking the B-Fee Motorsports facebook page at

By: Ashley McCubbin / AM Marketing –

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