Race Reports

Rick Spencer-Walt Scores Late Model Feature Victory at Sunset Speedway

INNISFIL, Ontario — Battling hard for the lead in the final laps, Rick Spencer-Walt scored the feature victory in the Late Model 35-lapper in front of Miles Tyson.

Rick Spencer-Walt won the first heat ahead of Paul Maltese, Billy Zardo, Daniel Montanari, Alex Hastie, and Tyler Segan.

Kendra Adams scored the victory in the second qualifier in front of Dustyn Mombourquette, Miles Tyson, Brandt Graham, Al Inglis, and Ryan D’Antimo.

Rick Spencer-Walt doubled down ahead of Maltese, Zardo, Hastie, Montanari, and Segan.

Dustyn Mombourquette won the fourth qualifier in front of Tyson, Graham, Inglis, Adams, and D’Antimo.

Come feature time, Tyler Segan started pole in front of Al Inglis, Daniel Montanari, Brandt Graham, Alex Hastie, Kendra Adams, Dustyn Mombourquette, Rick Spencer-Walt, Paul Maltese, Miles Tyson, and Ryan D’Antimo.

Inglis would break out to the early advantage with Graham slotting into second, as Adams challenged Segan for third. There would be contact off of turn two, resulting in Adams getting into the outside frontstretch wall, and ending with Segan and Hastie both turned around in turn one for the caution. With 34 laps to go, Inglis led Graham, Montanari, Zardo, Maltese, Spencer-Walt, D’Antimo, Tyson, Segan, Hastie, Adams, and Mombourquette.

The restart saw a battle for the lead between Inglis and Graham, with Graham taking the top spot on Lap 5 as Spencer-Walt moved into second a lap later. Spencer-Walt would immediately get alongside Graham for the top spot on Lap 7 ahead of Tyson, as Inglis and Maltese battled for fourth in front of Zardo, with Mombourquette and Montanari side-by-side for seventh.

Spencer-Walt took the top spot on Lap 10, bringing Tyson through with him as Graham now ran third in front of Maltese and Zardo, with Montanari alongside Inglis for sixth. Montanari took the spot on Lap 12, bringing Mombourquette and Adams through with him over the next two laps. Inglis now ran ninth in front of Hastie, D’Antimo, and Segan.

With 16 laps on board, Spencer-Walt continued to lead in front of Tyson, Graham, Zardo, Maltese, Montanari, Mombourquette and Adams, as Inglis and Hastie battled for ninth. Hastie took the spot on Lap 19, with D’Antimo rounding out the top-11. Mombourquette would then get alongside Montanari for sixth on Lap 20, completing the pass a lap later.

Adams would immediately get alongside Montanari for seventh, as Hastie ran ninth in front of Inglis, D’Antimo, and Segan. Mombourquette looked to continue moving forward, getting alongside Maltese for fifth on Lap 24, completing the pass two laps later. Adams now ran seventh in front of Montanari, Hastie, Inglis, and D’Antimo.

Zardo continued his charge towards the front, passing Graham for third on Lap 29, with Mombourquette following suit a lap later. Graham now ran fifth, with Adams up to sixth in front of Maltese.

Tyson would track down Spencer-Walt for the top spot, getting alongside him with five laps to go, with the battle cut short by the caution flying three laps later for Adams spun around on the backstretch.

The restart would see the battle between the pair resume for the top spot, with Spencer-Walt clearing him and pacing the field the rest of the way en route to winning.

1 31 Rick Spencer-Walt
2 49 Miles Tyson
3 16 Dustyn Mombourquette
4 46 Billy Zardo
5 9 Daniel Montanari
6 14x Brandt Graham
7 2 Kendra Adams
8 23 Paul Maltese
9 4 Alex Hastie
10 69 Allan Inglis
11 20 Tyler Sagan
12 24 Ryan D’Antimo



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