Peterborough Speedway

Kyle Novis Scores Peterborough Speedway Bone Stock Victory

PETERBOROUGH, Ontario — Running up front throughout the feature on Saturday paid off for Kyle Novis en route to scoring the Bone Stock 50-lap victory.

The race started off on a rough note with Joshua Munro going for a spin on the second lap in turn three. The race remained green with Nick Lees grabbing the early advantage filling in for Shawn Solomon ahead of Ryan Oosterholt, Sean Kennedy and Kyle Novis, as Kris Khan and John Lavalle battled for fifth ahead of Steve Finnegan. Novis would get alongside Kennedy for third on Lap 6, taking the spot one lap later. Behind them, Khan ran fifth ahead of Finnegan, Angelo Novis, Coltin Everingham, Lavalle, Jacob Kelly, Mark Griffen, and Christen Lavalle. Kelly continued to move forward, passing Brad Lavalle for ninth on Lap 11.

With 14 laps on the board, Lees led ahead of Oosterholt, Kyle Novis, Kennedy, Khan, and Finnegan, as Kelly battled for Angelo Novis for seventh. Kelly got the spot a lap later, but was immediately challenge by Griffen. However, their battle was short lived with the caution coming out on Lap 17 for Everingham going around after he locked up the brakes trying to stay off of Kelly.

The race would go into a weather delay, due to heavy rain fall happening. Once the shower passed, the track was dried with the race resuming with 33 laps remaining.

Oosterholt got a good restart to take over the top spot ahead of Lees, Khan, Kyle Novis, and Kennedy, with Kelly and Finnegan side-by-side for sixth. Kelly got the spot, with Griffen challenging Finnegan next.

Behind them, Everingham would get alongside Angelo Novis for ninth ahead of Brad Lavalle, with Everingham taking the spot on Lap 22. Griffen would take over seventh a lap later, with the caution coming out on Lap 28 for Kennedy stopping with a flat right front tire in turn three and four.

Oosterholt got a good restart with Khan moving into second, as Kyle Novis got alongside Lees for third ahead of Kelly. Novis got the spot on Lap 21, with Kelly and Finnegan following him through the next couple of laps. Lees now ran sixth ahead of Griffen, Brad Lavalle, Christen Lavalle, Angelo Novis, and Everingham.

Finnegan would then get alongside Kelly for fourth on Lap 36, completing the pass a lap later. Griffen then started to move forward, passing Lees for sixth on Lap 39, followed by both Griffen and Lees getting by Finnegan with two laps to go.

Ryan Oosterholt and Kris Khan crossed the finish line first and second, though were both disqualified in post-race technical inspection. Oosterholt had the wrong motor for his year, make, and model of car, while Khan had the wrong left-side weight percentage.

This would hand the victory to Kyle Novis ahead of Mark Griffen, Nick Lees, Steve Finnegan, and Jacob Kelly. John Lavalle finished sixth, followed by Christen Lavalle, Angelo Novis, Coltin Everingham, and John Bates. Tegan Stanley placed 11th, followed by Victoria McLennon, Kyle Johnson, Zachary Cheng, Cory Horne, Sean Kennedy, Isaiah Switzer, Joshua Munro, and Willow Barberstock.

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