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Nic Ramsay Holds Off Givens And Slama For Pure / Bone Stock Summer Showdown Victory

INNISFIL, Ontario — Despite being given every trick In the book by both Phil Givens and Gary Slama, Nic Ramsay managed to hold them both off en route to winning the OSCAAR Pure / Bone Stock Summer Showdown at Sunset Speedway.

Phil Givens won the first heat ahead of Jordan Williams, Zach Hatch, Cameron McGlashan, Wayde Thorne, Craig Cole, and Connor Ellis.

Michael Peterson scored his first career victory ever in front of Jordan Morris, Nic Ramsay, Eric Stewart, Alex Stewart, Courtney Scott, Michael Neumeister, and Glen Schmidt.

Gary Slama won the third qualifier ahead of Rick Vankleef, Stephen Finnegan, Kris Lawrence, Billy Schwartzenburg, Jimmy Hooper, Teegan Ellis, and Chris Allard.

Come feature time, Jordan William started pole ahead of Rick Vankleef, Zach Hatch, Nic Ramsay, Steve Finnegan, Cameron McGlashan, Eric Stewart, Kris Lawrence, Alex Stewart, Wayde Thorne, Billy Schwartzenburg, Jimmy Hooper, Courtney Scott, Craig Cole, Chris Allard, Glen Schmidt, Teegan Ellis, Connor Ellis, Michael Neumiester, Michael Peterson, Gary Slama, Phil Givens, Jordan Morris, and Hailey McNicol.

Nic Ramsay grabbed the early advantage ahead of Williams, Hatch, and Finnegan, with Allard and Vankleef side-by-side for fifth. Allard would move into fifth on Lap 4 ahead of Vankleef, Lusk, Schwartzenburg, Alex Stewart, Neumeister, and Schmidt, with Givens, Thorne, and Eric Stewart three-wide for 11th.

Givens came out on top, getting alongside Schmidt for 10th, with Neumeister getting by Stewart for eighth on Lap 8. Further up the field, a battle for fourth would go south with contact between Allard and Finnegan in turn four on Lap 9.

Ramsay would get a good restart ahead of Williams, Hatch, McGlashan, Neumeister, Givens, Vankleef, and Cole, with Slama and Schwartzenburg side-by-side for ninth on Lap 13. However, the caution flew two laps later for Vankleef stopping in turn four.

Ramsay got another good restart in front of Williams, with Neumeister and Hatch side-by-side for third. Hatch got the spot on Lap 15, though was passed a lap later by Givens, who brought Slama and Morris through with him.

Behind them, Lawrence made contact with Neumeister, causing him to tag the outside wall and slow, before being hit from behind by Schmdit who didn’t realize the No. 92x was slowing.

Ramsay kept his good restart record going ahead of Williams, with Givens and Slama side-by-side for third ahead of Morris and Hatch. Givens got the spot on Lap 20, bringing Morris through with him as Slama ran fifth ahead of Fennegan, with Hatch and Lawrence side-by-side for seventh.

Givens continued to move forward, passing Williams for second on Lap 23, with Morris and Slama following him through over the next couple laps. Slama would get alongside Morris for third, with Finnegan remaining sixth, as Lawrence and Peterson battled for seventh. Lawrence got the spot on Lap 27, with Hatch rounding out the top-nine.

As the laps wound down, both Givens and Slama would reel Ramsay in, each taking a peak high and low. However, Ramsay was able to slam the door shut no matter what they tried, and held on through the final laps en route to winning the feature.

Nic Ramsay snagged the victory ahead of Phil Givens, Gary Slama, Jordan Williams, and Jordan Morris. Kris Lawrence finished sixth, followed by Steve Finnegan, Michael Peterson, Zach Hatch, and Craig Cole. Cameron McGlashan placed 11th, followed by Connor Ellis, Billy Schwartzenburg, Eric Stewart, Wayde Thorne, Jimmy Hooper, Alex Stewart, Rick Vankleef, Glen Schmidt, and Michael Neumeister. Courtney Scott finished 21st, followed by Chris Allard, Teegan Ellis, and Hailey McNicol.

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By: Ashley McCubbin

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