Outlaw Midgets

Mike Bradley Goes Back-to-Back in Outlaw Midget Competition

INNISFIL, Ontario — After starting off the year in victory lane at Sauble Speedway, Mike Bradley kept the winning ways going in the series’ third event of the year which took place at Sunset Speedway.

There’d be a quick yellow flag on the second lap of the first heat for the chain falling off Kevin Spiez’s car. Richard Woodland picked up the win ahead of Wally Wilson, Adam Tyo, Jamie Kay, Rob Harrison, Zach Millman, and Spiez.

Jody Bound won the second qualifier ahead of Mike Bradley, Dave Bradley, Larry Lawson, and Wayne McKibbon.

The fourth heat would see Wally Wilson break a chain while leading, with Adam Tyo stopping on the frontstretch with problems at the same time. Richard Woodland went for the daily double ahead of Kay, Harrison, Millman, Tyo, and Wilson.

Jody Bound went for the daily double ahead of Mike Bradley, Larry Lawson, Wayne McKibbon, and Dave Bradley.

Come feature time, Larry Lawson started on pole ahead of Jody Bound, Rob Harrison, Mike Bradley, Richard Woodland, Adam Tyo, Dave Bradley, Wayne McKibbon, Zach Millman, Wally Wilson, Kevin Spiez, and Jamie Kay.

Larry Lawson broke out to the early lead ahead of Woodland and Mike Bradley, with Woodland challenging for the top spot on Lap 2. Woodland grabbed it a lap later, with Bradley moving into second on Lap 5. Lawson now ran third ahead of Dave Bradley, Adam Tyo, and Kevin Spiez. Spiez continued to move forward, passing Tyo for fifth on Lap 7.

At the front of the field, Mike Bradley took over the top spot on Lap 8, with the caution coming out two laps later for McKibbon going around in turn four. Under caution, Spiez ran into issues, ending his race early. With 15 laps to go, Mike Bradley led ahead of Woodland, Lawson, Dave Bradley, Tyo, Wilson, Kay, and Harrison.

Mike Bradley got a good restart ahead of Woodland, Lawson, Mike Bradley, Tyo, Wilson, Harrison, McKibbon, Kay and McMillman. McKibbon looked to continue moving forward, getting alongside Harrison for seventh on Lap 15. Unfortunately, contact would see the pair go around in turn one for the second caution.

It’d be clean and green initially on the restart, until Tyo ran into issues two laps after and slowed off of turn four, causing a scatter of cars going left and right to ensure there was no contact.

The second attempt would go cleanly with Mike Bradley continuing to lead ahead of Woodland, Lawson, Mike Bradley, Harrison, Kay, Wilson, and Millman. Kay continued to move forward, passing Harrison for fifth with five laps to go, with Wilson following him through a couple laps later.

Mike Bradley led the rest of the way en route to the victory ahead of Richard Woodland, Larry Lawson, Dave Bradley, and Jamie Kay. Wally Wilson finished sixth, followed by Zach Millman, Rob Harrison, Adam Tyo, and Wayne McKibbon. Kevin Spiez and Jody Bound rounded out the field.

Following the second weekend of the season in action, Mike Bradley extends his points lead to nine markers over Richard Woodland in the standings.

The Outlaw Midgets will return to action for their fourth event of 2021 on Saturday, July 24 at Sauble Speedway. Due to government COVID regulations, tracks are only allowed to be at 75% capacity when it comes to attendance. Sauble Speedway will be selling the tickets at the gate on a first come, first serve basis. Also in action that night will be United 8s, Combined 4s, and Jr. Late Models.

For more information on the Outlaw Midgets, be sure to check out their website at http://www.outlawmidgets.ca. Additionally, you can like their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/outlawmidgets/ and join the “Outlaw Midgets Racing Club Presented by Canadian Tire Innisfil” facebook group to keep up with the latest news and information.

The Outlaw Midgets are proud to receive sponsorship support from Canadian Tire Innisfil, Dayco, BW Towing, and Falcon Fire & Services.

By: Ashley McCubbin

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