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Doug Butler Scores Second Checkered Flag of 2021 at Sunset Speedway

INNISFIL, Ontario — Making his second start of the 2021 campaign, Doug Butler had the same success as the first appearance, parking the No. 10 Nissan in victory lane at Sunset Speedway.

Doug Butler won the first heat ahead of Charlie Smith, Paul Bogensberger Jr., Bryan Penny, Randi Seguin, Dylan Bowman, Paul Maltese, and Paul Townsend.

The second qualifier featured a quick yellow flag when Curtis Stewart spun Kris Inglis, with Kyle D’Antimo pulling off the track with issues on Lap 2. Josh Bullen picked up the checkered flag ahead of Stewart, Josh Inglis, Peter Wakeling, Kris Inglis, and Madisson Tienkamp.

Doug Butler went for the daily double ahead of Smith, Maltese, Penny, Bogensberger Jr., Seguin, Bowman, and Wakeling.

Bullen went for the daily double ahead of Stewart, Josh Inglis, D’Antimo, Tienkamp, and Kris Inglis.

The feature started off with a quick caution right at the start, with Josh Inglis getting spun by Paul Bogesnberger Jr. down the frontstretch as they all got tied together close with Penny.

Josh Bullen broke out to the early lead on the restart ahead of Doug Butler, Charlie Smith, Curtis Stewart, Bryan Penny, and Paul Maltese. Butler wasted no time getting to the front, taking over the top spot on Lap 4 ahead of Bullen, with Penny getting alongside Stewart for fourth a lap later. Penny moved into fourth on Lap 6 ahead of Stewart, Maltese, Bowman, Seguin, and Bogensberger Jr.

Bogensberger Jr. continued moving back through the field, passing Seguin for eighth on Lap 8, with Ken Townsend heading into the pits three laps later with a mechanical issue. Maltese would get by Stewart for fifth on Lap 12, with Bogensberger Jr. getting by Bowman for seventh a lap later. Kris Inglis would also head into the pits on Lap 13 with issues.

Doug Butler led the rest of the way en route to the victory ahead of Josh Bullen, Charlie Smith, Bryan Penny, and Connor Maltese. Curtis Stewart finished sixth, followed by Paul Bogensberger Jr., Dylan Bowman, Randi Seguin, and Kyle D’Antimo. Madisson Tienkamp placed 11th, followed by Ken Townsend, Kris Inglis, and Josh Inglis.

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