Ontario Legend Series

Brandon Feeney Fights Mechanical Gremlins at Peterborough

PETERBOROUGH, Ontario — Despite having to work through some mechanical gremlins, Brandon Feeney was able to come away from the second weekend of 2021 in the Legend with some positives.

Feeney started off the night by placing seventh and eighth in his qualifiers. Come feature time, Feeney pushed as hard as he could, ultimately crossing the finish line with a 13th.

The driver of the No. 38 Legend feels more confident about his next time out, sighting strong signs with speed in the corners and consistency on old tires. However, it will about working out a couple minor issues with the engine and carb to get the most out of the car that they can.

B-Fee Motorsports is proud to be sponsored by Liqui-Moly, Signworks Canada, Auto Tires and Saftie, K1 Graphics & Design, Pioneer Plumbing, RPM Race Parts, Platinum RV Sales n Service, Kawartha ATV Association, Matco Tools by Chris Vesters, and AM Marketing for the upcoming campaign.

B-Fee Motorsports is also looking for more sponsors to jump on-board, and encourages any of those interested to get in touch.

Fans are encouraged to keep up with Feeney by liking the B-Fee Motorsports facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/teamfocusracing/.

By: Ashley McCubbin / AM Marketing – ashleymccubbin17@gmail.com

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