Peterborough Speedway

Paul Boundy Suffers Mechanical Woes at Peterborough Speedway

PETERBOROUGH, Ontario — Despite the crew working as hard as they could in-between races, the mechanical woes became too much to overcome for the Boundy Racing team on Saturday night.

Paul Boundy started off the night with high hopes, though quickly found issues in the first qualifier, with the car sputtering throughout. The team tried to rectify the issue before the next event, however the distributor issues continued and ultimately plagued them for the rest of the night.

With a week off, the team will work at getting them fixed in hopes of turning around their luck in the next weekend of competition on August 24. It is work noting Boundy started off 2021 with a seventh at Sunset Speedway and an 11th at Delaware Speedway.

The No. 08 is proud to carry sponsorship from Boundy Roofing, Mark Rainford Auto Centre, Krown Whitby, Cozy Home Heating and Air Conditioning, Orono Country Cafe, Mayhew Auto, and Signworks.

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