Race Reports

Kendra Adams Out-Battles Paul Maltese for First Career Feature Victory

INNISFIL, Ontario — After coming close each of the past seasons at Sunset Speedway, Kendra Adams can finally call herself a feature winner, after scoring the victory on Saturday night.

The first heat started off with a spin, as Miles Tyson spun around, following contact from Billy Zardo. However, the whole ordeal started with Tyson giving Mike Wilkinson a shot going into the corner. Paul Maltese picked up the checkered flag ahead of Wilkinson, Zardo, McIssac, and Ryan D’Antimo.

Kendra Adams won the second qualifier ahead of Alex Hastie, Dustyn Mombourquette, Rick Spencer-Walt, Daniel Montanari, and Al Inglis.

Maltese went for the daily double ahead of Wilkinson, Zardo, McIssac, and D’Antimo.

Rick Spencer-Walt won the final heat ahead of Montanari, Mombourquette, Adams, Hastie, and Inglis.

Come feature time, Paul Maltese started pole ahead of Mike Wilkinson, Kendra Adams, Rick Spencer-Walt, Billy Zardo, Dustyn Mombourquette, Alex Hastie, Daniel Montanari, Chris McIssac, Al Inglis, and Ryan D’Antimo.

The drop of the green flag saw the top four side-by-side two-deep, with Mombourquette emerging in fifth behind them. Spencer-Walt was able to clear Adams for third on Lap 3, with Mombourquette attempting to follow through but unable. The caution would then come out on Lap 5 for debris on the track after D’Antimo got into the wall.

The restart would be much like the drop of the green flag, with the top-eight remaining side-by-side as nobody could emerge ahead. Spencer-Walt was the first to do so, taking over third on Lap 8 ahead of Adams, with Wilkinson clearing Maltese for the lead a lap later. Spencer-Walt then got alongside Wilkinson for the top spot, but the caution came out on Lap 10 for Montanari going around in turn two.

The first attempt to get the race back going would see McIssac go around in turns one and two. The second would go smoothly, with Wilkinson and Spencer-Walt side-by-side for the top spot ahead of Maltese, Adams, Mombourquette, and Zardo. Inglis would then get alongside Zardo for sixth on Lap 13, completing the pass a lap later.

The complexion of the event would change on Lap 15, with Spencer-Walt going around in turns one and two. Spencer-Walt was about set to clear Wilkinson for the top spot, when Wilkinson caught the right rear of Spencer-Walt to spin him. Spencer-Walt was able to continue, with the contact breaking the panhar bar and ending Wilkinson’s night.

Maltese would inherit the lead with Adams in second, with the pair putting on a show on the restart. They ran side-by-side through the next 15 laps, trying to edge each other out for the checkered flag. There’d be contact off the last corner, with Kendra Adams getting the victory. Paul Maltese got second, followed by Al Inglis, Billy Zardo, and Dustyn Mombourquette.

Rick Spencer-Walt rebounded for sixth, followed by Alex Hastie, Daniel Montanari, Chris McIssac, Mike Wilkinson, and Ryan D’Antimo.

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