Jr Late Models

Kyle Parker Scores Jr. Late Model Victory at Sunset Speedway

INNISFIL, Ontario — In a field full of talent, there was some great battles for the lead, but ultimately Kyle Parker came out on top ahead of the field.

Del Freiburger won the first heat ahead of Cole Burrows, Oliver Ferguson, Ryder White, and Keegan Moat.

Kyle Parker won the second heat ahead of Laila Walser, Jake Spencer-Walt, and Brandan Magee.

Cole Burrows won the third heat ahead of White, Freiburger, Ferguson, and Moat.

Parker swept his heats ahead of Walser and Spencer-Walt, with Magee running into mechanical issues before the green flag.

Come feature time, Kyle Parker started on the pole ahead of Cole Burrows, Laila Walser, Del Freiburger, Ryder White, Oliver Ferguson, Brandan Magee, Jake Spencer-Walt, and Keegan Moat.

Parker would grab the initial advantage with Burrows and Freiburger in toe, as White ran fourth on Lap 2 ahead of Ferguson, Walser, Magee, Spencer-Walt, and Moat. The first caution then flew two laps later for Spencer-Walt going around.

The restart saw Parker grab the advantage once again, only for another yellow flag to be displayed as Walser spun around in turn two.

The restart would see the start of a race long battle, as Parker and Burrows ran side-by-side for the lead ahead of White and Ferguson. Walser did not let her spin get her down, moving back up into fifth on Lap 9. Unfortunately, Freiburger would run into problems, heading down pit road on Lap 11. This would allow Magee to move up into sixth ahead of Spencer-Walt.

The side-by-side battle for the lead would carry through the next several laps, until Burrows’ chain coming off, forcing him down pit road. He would get to fix the issue and remain on the lead lap, though, as the caution came out on the same lap for Moat going around on the frontstretch, and getting into the wall.

Parker would get a good restart once again, this time with Walser moving into second ahead of White and Ferguson. In the back half of the field, Burrows was set to make the charge, getting by Spencer-Walt, before trying to cut down in front to get underneath Ferguson for fourth. Unfortunately, he was not quite clear, making contact with Spencer-Walt’s right front fender, and going around for the spin.

Kyle Parker would get a good restart, cruising to victory lane to kick off the 2021 campaign. Oliver Ferguson finished second ahead of Brandan Magee and Jake Spencer-Walt. Laila Walser and Ryder White placed fifth and sixth respectively after tangling on the final lap ahead of Cole Burrows, Del Freiburger, and Keegan Moat.

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