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2021 Pure Stock Drivers to Watch Part 7

With each season that comes up in the Ontario short tracks, there is always a list of drivers that everyone is keeping an eye on with each other division, wondering how they’re going to perform.

When the fans and fellow competitors were asked about the Pure Stock class, there were ultimately 61 names that came up throughout the discussions – bringing us to this point. Each of those drivers have been ranked, with their final position on the list being determined based on a combination of 40% fan vote and 60% expert – the fellow competitors – vote.

As always, be sure to comment with your thoughts – whether positive or negative, and enjoy getting to know these competitors a little more.

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7. Kyle Lucas

2021 Plans: I’m more so focused on other things so I’m not sure how it’ll go, but I’m definitely doing the Enduro this year.
2021 Goals: Just to go out and have fun and hope for Covid to end soon
What makes Pure Stocks fun? it’s a budget class, so many people can get into it without having to go into debt and the fact there can be so many, it makes for a more exciting race
Drivers to Watch: I’m watching Reece mainly this new year. She’s come a long way and is learning so I wanna see when she gets a win, seeing her and Carrie going crazy, or to actually watch my dad (Dale Lucas) race this season if he can since last season he couldn’t due to a injury.

6. Shawn Solomon

2021 Plans: Run a full schedule at Peterborough and as many other events I can get to, hopefully including Frostoberfest and ACC
2021 Goals: To keep improving and hopefully win a feature and compete for the championship at Peterborough. My expectations are to have as much fun as possible doing something I love, because it’s racing and having high expectations is a bad idea in a sport where disappointment can be had with just one mistake.
What makes Pure Stocks fun? The people, building a relationship with other drivers who share your passion and are just getting into the sport, or have been here for a while, honestly we’ve sorta become a family. Also the car count. I honestly think that every car on the track has at least one or two cars to race against every week regardless of car/driver skill level. And you can’t forget the fans….many of the fans can see themselves being able to drive a Bone Stock so quite a few of them relate to us as the drivers and we gather quite the following from that which I find to be amazing, and so do our sponsors lol
Drivers to Watch: There are so many and each with their own story. Well at Peterborough in Bone Stock, you have the usual suspects like Ryan Oosterholt, Chris Tubman, Kris Khan and Jake Kelly, but a few drivers I feel like no one is talking about that they should be are Stephen Finnegan, and Sean Kennedy, and honestly since it’s an entry level class any rookie or another driver with a new ride could come out of nowhere and surprise us all! As for the rest of southern Ontario, the drivers I always keep an eye on are Phil Givens, Gillian Hils, Jordan Morris, Nic Ramsey, and Scott McGregor, and I really like the way Karl Sault can handle Flamboro in his mini. But to a new fan, I would say pick a couple of cars you like and cheer for them, and don’t be afraid to talk to the drivers if you see them, unless they’re in the middle of something. They would love to spend time with you sign autographs and answer questions you may have about racing, the stories they could tell you are often very interesting.

5. Coltin Everingham

2021 Plans: Providing we go back to normal, I’ll be racing full-time Pro Lates at Sunset. I’d love to travel and do some specials in the Bone Stock.
2021 Goals: No matter what car I drive, I just make sure I race as hard as I can and have fun doing it!
What makes Pure Stocks fun? The talent that is in this pure stock class is remarkable; there’s definitely no slouches! For the most part, everyone has respect for one another and they race you hard but clean!
Drivers to Watch: There’s a whole bunch, but I would have to say Hailey McNicol

4. Phil Givens

2021 Plans: To mostly run Flamboro this season, but we will be at least at every track once I hope. My focus will be on Nicole (Stewart)’s racing endeavors, so I likely won’t be out every weekend, but I’ll still get my fair share in.
2021 Goals: To be competing for the win each time out. A few mistakes on my part last season took myself out of contention in a few events, but my expectations is to have the Caldecott Millwrights No. 0 up front.
What makes Pure Stocks fun? Good, clean racing! We showed it last year with the events at Flamboro and Peterborough that this class can run super clean. It’s still cheap to a extent which is also nice.
Drivers to Watch: I’m kinda bias here but I’d have to say fiancé Nicole Stewart. Other then that, I’d have to say Shawn Solomon and Gillian Hils. They both showed tons of speed last year in the shortened season!

3. Kris Lawrence

2021 Plans: Hopefully to do as much racing as possible. I would love to get back in my Pro Late Model at Delaware, still not sure if I will be able to do the full season or not. I am hopeful I finally have the bugs worked out of my new bone stock and I can get some top 5’s and wins with it. I would like to try taking the pure stock to some tracks I haven’t run (Sauble, Sunset, Varney, maybe even Peterborough). I am also hoping to get my rental/driver development program to the track. I have a two seat automatic as well as a five speed cavalier for people to rent at Delaware with the hopes of using the two seater for ride-a-longs and on track driver coaching during practice.
2021 Goals: To get my first Pro Late win and defend my Delaware Bone Stock championship. I would like to get my rental program to the track to start working the bugs out of it. My hope is to get younger drivers or part time drivers that already have their own safety gear and want to try bone stock.
What makes Pure Stocks fun? They are one of the most fun classes as long as you’re okay with drivers learning their limits and a little bumping from time to time. I like that you can race against 40 other drivers and regardless of what pace you run, there is always someone to race against. Plus it’s nice to go turn laps for 20 dollars worth of pump gas.
Drivers to Watch: I would like to think of some drivers that didn’t get mentioned a ton – Mike Ebert, Kassy Howard, Kyle Lucas, Gillian Hils, Matt Boyes, Hailey McNicol.
Note – I didn’t want to plug sponsors in your articles but if anyone is interested in helping my rental program or full program, I was going to ask people to comment their name and if we run a Covid season again, I will likely do another local business banner for free advertising.

2. Mark Merritt

2021 Plans: Running the same car I have the past 2 seasons, with some adjustments to better fit the rules which have opened up a bit for Full Throttle Motor Speedway/Varney as the rules are now consistent with Flamboro.
2021 Goals: To stay consistent all season, aiming for top-three in season points, and finally, continue to learn and improve every weekend.
What makes Pure Stocks fun? It is honestly what I believe to be the most fun per-dollar spent in racing. I believe the class has become more competitive than it was originally intended to be, but its still a great affordable way to get yourself into racing.
Drivers to Watch: At Varney specifically, as far as newer drivers to the class, I would say that Luke Dippel will be one to watch. He is a young driver and made big improvements last season when he was out. He will no doubt be near the front of the pack as the season progresses.
Id like to thank my amazing family/friends for their continual support. I’d also like to thank the great sponsors who help me out tremendously; Aces Towing, Bass on Wheels- car audio and video, as well as the “Lets Remember Adam, STOP for the School Bus” campaign.

1. Gillian Hils

2021 Plans: I’ve always been awful for making and changing plans for each coming season. Right now, plans are in the works to have my 2018 Ohsweken Mini Stock converted and competitive for racing as a Flamboro Mini Stock. My Pure Stock will be ready for any nights off in Mini Stock or Flamboro Enduro races.
2021 Goals: I’d like to win one race this year. That’s something I’ve been lucky enough to do each year since I’ve started racing at Flamboro. I’m sure running with such a competitive field of Mini Stocks, it may be a long shot, but that’ll be what I’m aiming for.
What makes Pure Stocks fun? It is probably the most friendly class I’ve ever raced in. Just about everyone has the same “here to have fun” kind of attitude which would be nice to see in even more classes.
Drivers to Watch: The Lawrence boys seem to always be a threat to win. Rumour has it Jordan Morris is moving up; otherwise, he’d be a obvious pick. Also Shawn Solomon showed up at Flamboro late last season with some impressive speed.

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