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2021 Pure Stock Drivers to Watch Part 6

With each season that comes up in the Ontario short tracks, there is always a list of drivers that everyone is keeping an eye on with each other division, wondering how they’re going to perform.

When the fans and fellow competitors were asked about the Pure Stock class, there were ultimately 61 names that came up throughout the discussions – bringing us to this point. Each of those drivers have been ranked, with their final position on the list being determined based on a combination of 40% fan vote and 60% expert – the fellow competitors – vote.

As always, be sure to comment with your thoughts – whether positive or negative, and enjoy getting to know these competitors a little more.

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14. Aundrea Lusk

2021 Plans: I plan to run the 2021 season at Sunset Speedway if COVID allows. Depending on the COVID situation in the area at that time, we may sit out like last year but hopefully the situation improves and we are able to continue with a regular racing schedule.
2021 Goals: I have a new car that we built for 2020, but haven’t been able to drive it yet. My goals are to be able to get used to the new car and be able to pick up more speed.
What makes Pure Stocks fun? The variety of different drivers. The field is always a mix of drivers ranging from rookies to veterans.
Drivers to Watch: There will be several drivers to watch for 2021. From what I hear there is going to be numerous new contenders and it’s always interesting to watch new drivers learn and succeed over time.

13. Jonathan Vey

2021 Plans: To get more seat time and race as much as possible, learn from what I did this year, improve on our finishes & hopefully run a consistent season.
2021 Goals: To achieve more top-10’s and fight for podiums, maybe even get a heat win;  that’d be nice. I’d also like to understand everything I need to know about my car and ways to make it better. COVID pending, I will be practicing at Sunset Speedway but also racing as much as I can.
What makes Pure Stocks fun: It’s an entry level class, cars should be very similar making the field some what even to race against, sure there’s tough guys to beat but it’s any ones race. This class is constantly growing making the fields racing against bigger, you learn to drive with a huge field, cars passing you, being stuck around lapped cars. There’s opportunities to learn aggressive driving skills meaning instead of waiting for cars who may be slower. Finding ways around them, getting to the front without contact, driving in a huge field can be scary at times but the more you race the more comfortable you get which leads to you becoming a faster driver, taking chances others don’t could be the difference between a top 5 or finishing outside the top 10.
Drivers to Watch: #73 of Megan Mitchell, #99 of Cheyenne Reed, as well as the #0 of Phil Givens who I’ve ran against all summer and he’s definitely one to beat.

12. Nicole Stewart

2021 Plans: Still up in the air; however, the main plan is to get out onto the track as much as possible to get as much seat time as possible.
2021 Goals: I have set very low for myself this season, as it will be my first time racing. My main goal is to get up to speed and a goal Phil has set for me is to actually use the breaks.
What makes Pure Stocks fun: Although this is my rookie year, Pure stocks has been my favourite class since it started. Anyone can go out and be competitive and you never know who’s going to win. All the drivers are super friendly and helpful with anything you may need.
Drivers to Watch: This is hard to pick; the field like I said is so competitive. If I had to pick 5, I would choose Gillian Hills, Phil Givens, Kris Lawrence, Haley McNicol and Jordan Morris.

11. Jordan Morris

2021 Plans: We are very excited about the 2021 season and are hoping that safety regulations are lifted enough to enjoy a full season of racing. We have a mini stock that we plan to run for the majority of the season. We are also looking forward to moving up to the super stock ranks and running 5 races this season.
2021 Goals: We are really just focusing on solid runs without using up too much equipment.
What makes Pure Stocks fun? The high level of competition; there is always excitement on the track.
Drivers to Watch: I’m a huge fan of a lot of these drivers, but a few I think to watch out for include: Hailey McNicol – she will be a force to be reckoned with once she figures her car out, David Rockwood – he is always a top contender, Kris Lawrence – he is always one to watch out for because of his passion of the sport and his fleet of cars, you never know which one he’ll bring out to make the run to the front.

10. Hailey McNicol

2021 Plans: We are running full-time at Delaware Speedway and hopefully do some invitationals at some other tracks.
2021 Goals: I am running for points, so I am hoping to place up front as much as possible and a plus would be getting some podium finishes.
What makes Pure Stocks fun? There is always a big car count at any track you go to and I think it is a good class to step up to.
Drivers to Watch: Some of my top ones are Zach Hatch; being his first year racing, he is doing very well. David Rockwood and Jordan Morris are also some very good drivers in the bone stocks and are always a threat when they come out.

9. Scott McGregor

Scott McGregor has plans for moving up to the Mini Stock division, putting his Pure Stock competition efforts on-hold. However, his name entered conversation due to past success at Sunset Speedway and Varney Motor Speedway.

His drivers to watch include Matt Boyes because he was a rocket in his rookie season at sunset and I could only imagine that the speed would pick up. Mark Merritt because in his first two seasons at Full Throttle, he’s seen multiple wins and looks to be getting better every race night. Coltin Everingham the odd time he’ll race the pure/bone/fun stock watch out! In 2020, he might of had one of the biggest turds in the field and that boy gets up on the wheel and gets everything he absolutely can out of the car and in 2021, I can’t see that changing. Phil Givens because its Phil – I don’t need to explain. Shawn Solomon – I was super impressed by the speed he showed in 2020 and I don’t see him slowing down anytime soon.

8. Cheyenne Reed-Charles

2021 Plans: I’ll be participating in every race Sunset holds and hopefully visiting a few different tracks. I plan on just really working on getting myself better. 2020 wasn’t a good year for myself and team due to my mental health; it stopped me from participating in the races we planned on going too. So in 2021, I plan on hopefully getting back behind the wheel, learning the ways around my new car, and racing against mental health. I just want to have fun with everyone around me.
2021 Plans: To just continue to learn more and learn my new car. Hopefully I can make my way to the front of the field as much as possible and get some good finishes.
What makes Pure Stocks fun? No matter what there is always a big car count. Everyone always puts on a challenge and most people are just out there to have fun and put on a good show for the fans.
Drivers to Watch: There is a couple people I think are going to do good this year. A few drivers I think people should watch would be Jonathan Vey; he raced a few times last year, he never gave up and kept up with many up fast cars. For his rookie year at Sunset, I think he’s going to do good and put on a challenge. Another person would be Andrea Lusk; she has improved a lot since she started racing. I think this year she is going to put up a good challenge up front with everyone, and definitely get some feature wins.

Stay tuned for the top-seven drivers 

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