2021 Outlaw Midget Drivers to Watch Part 2

With each season that comes up in the Outlaw Midgets, there is always a list of drivers that everyone is keeping an eye on, wondering how they’re going to perform.

As always, be sure to comment with your thoughts – whether positive or negative.

Read the first part of the list by clicking here

Kevin Spiez

2021 Plans: To be a contender for the championship. We have teamed up with Wagner painting and look to improve our car.
Goals: Improve on our second place finish at Varney. With our new team we hope to score our first win.
What makes the Outlaw Midgets so much fun? They are a family. Like most families we have our moments but over all we are a tight knit group. Our group doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Our cars run with no suspicion and only 1 1/2” off the ground. We run times that are only a few tenths off of LLM times. We can race 3-4 cars wide at times. It’s a load of fun.
Drivers to Watch: I think that Jessica James (if she returns), Richard Woodland, Mike Bradly and of cores the multi time winner and present Champion Adam Carrothers. Will be ones to watch. I’ve seen these guy do some amazing things with their cars, including finning a race in first place after going over half a race on only 3 wheels. I think if more people understand how these cars work and the prep time it takes to keep them going more people would become fans of our club. I would invite people to check out our website

Wayne McKibbon

2021 Plans: Hopefully race the full season.
Goals: To have a podium finish and finish the year in top 3.
What makes the Outlaw Midgets so much fun? It’s a lot like family and it’s cheap to race.
Drivers to Watch: Richard Woodland, Jody Bound, Dave Bradley, Jessica James, Adam Carrothers

Mike Bradley

2021 Plans for the season: It would be to attempt to race all the events and press on for the championship, but not sure if the Covid rules will let us go out and play. We can only keep our figures crossed. The car should be ready.
Goals: To help grow the club whenever we can. Also I would like to finish all the races that I start reasonably well. A couple wins would feel pretty good too.
What makes the Outlaw Midgets so much fun? Outlaw midgets are close knot bunch of racers – definitely the best racing experience for your dollar spent. On any night, any one of us would do just about anything for each other, but when we are on the track, it’s all business. Also, the traveling series aspect truly builds excitement and throws a different spin on things; some guys are better at different tracks. Most night after the race we share a couple beers.
Drivers to Watch: The usual suspects – Jody, Jessica, Richard and Robin. But there are also any number of good guys who could win on any night – Lassman, Inglis, Tom Tyo s car will be fast, Lorne, my brother Dave…the list goes on and on.

Jody Bound

2021 Plans: We plan to take the racing as it comes about. whether its shortened season or the proposed season in place. We want to do our part to insure things are done in a safe manner and support the tracks the best we can.
Goals: As a team, our goal has always been to win races, be consistent each night out and not to look to the end of the season but the race in front of us. The points look after themselves at the end. Consistency is what we lacked in 2019 and some mechanical and flat tires let the championship get out of our hands.
What makes the Outlaw Midgets fun? The family atmosphere. Drivers are all racers on the track but share a beverage at the end of the night or rally together to get another fellow competitors car on the track. With full field of cars each night and the edge of your seat side by side racing action, not only fun to be apart of but puts on a great show show to watch.
Drivers to Watch: For 2021, there are several drivers to watch every night that have a shot a winning. One driver that is hungry for a championship with being a bridesmaid several times is Richard Woodland with Crew chief Tony Inkster turning the wrench. For Rookie of the year I would go with Carson Kay. From some Facebook posts he has been practicing on his dirt track and his newly acquired car looks sharp!

Richard Woodland

2021 Plans: Hopefully we get to race
Goals: My goals are to win and get the championship.
What makes the Outlaw Midgets so much fun? We are like family in the club; we help out each other.
Drivers to Watch: Jody Bound, Mike Bradley and Jessica James. I think the big improvement will come from Wayne McKibbon.

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