2021 Outlaw Midget Drivers to Watch

With each season that comes up in the Outlaw Midgets, there is always a list of drivers that everyone is keeping an eye on, wondering how they’re going to perform.

As always, be sure to comment with your thoughts – whether positive or negative.

Dave Bradley

2021 Plans: My plans for the upcoming season are to attend as many events as my schedule will allow. As of right now, there doesn’t appear to be too many conflicts with my TV gig with the NASCAR Pinty’s Series, which is a good thing.
2021 Goals: I’d love to reach victory lane in a feature, but I know that’s a tall task against the level of the competition in the Outlaw Midgets. You need everything to go your way on that night. Short of that, I’d like to have fun. We’ve been away from the racetrack long enough. It’ll be nice to have laughs and go fast.
What makes the Outlaw Midgets fun? The cars themselves make this series one of the best in the province. Where else can you go as fast as a late model on a fraction of the cost? But, the people involved are awesome too. Some of our toughest competitors are also some of your best friends, who are always willing to help out.
Drivers to Watch: My brother, Mike would be one of the drivers to watch for sure. He’s hungry for wins and has these cars figured out. The Woodlands are always tough to beat, as is Jody Bound and Jessica James. Really, there aren’t many drivers in the field who can’t win.

In the last season ran for the Outlaw Midgets (in 2019), Dave Bradley was only able to make a pair of events – but left a lasting impact with a pair of top-10 finishes, including a heat victory and sixth-place feature finish at Peterborough Speedway’s Autumn Colours Classic. Give him some more experience and time to learn the newer car to the team’s stable, and feature checkered flag may be around the corner.

Josh Inglis

Experience in other forms of motorsports proved critical for Josh Inglis when he elected to run an Outlaw Midget, as he was able to adapt quickly to the small car. His rookie campaign in 2019 saw him score three top-five’s and six top-10’s, including a career-best fourth at Sunset Speedway. If he chooses to continue down this route in his career, a checkered flag should be in the future.

Lorne Van Dusen

Consistency has been the name of the game for Lorne Van Dusen, as evident with six top-10’s in seven appearances in 2019, with a season-best sixth. Now it’s just improving the program just a touch more to break into the top-five, and possibly snag a heat victory.

Wally Wilson

2021 Plans: Those aren’t fully set in stone yet, but I’ll be racing a Pro Late Model, as well as an OSCAAR Modified, so we’ll most likely be limited on our starts in the Midget this season!
2021 Goals: Pretty high with the midget. I’m aiming for top 5 in all of our starts!
What makes Outlaw Midgets fun? The midgets are always so much fun because everyone is such good friends, and we all race hard! They’re really quick cars that can be easy to work on at times! One of my favourite cars I’ve ever raced!!
Drivers to Watch: Jody Bound is always a tough competitor. Adam Carothers and Mike Bradley are going to be quick this year again, and I’d say someone who will have a break out season is Kevin Spiez

Steve Lassman

A regular on the tour for a couple years now, Steve Lassman proved experience matters en route to scoring five top-10 finishes. It’s now just about having everybody waiting for him to break out to the next level and showcase his ability to snag checkered flags.

Robin McLean

He has collected heat victories. He has won features, including the Autumn Colours Classic at Peterborough Speedway. He has more experience that most of the field. He is a past champion. What else can be said? There’s a reason why Robin McLean is someone that many glance towards when picking someone to win, and a trend that should continue into the future.

Jamie Kay

2021 Plans: To compete at as many of the scheduled events as possible. We’re the furthest team in the east of the province, but are committed to giving our fans the best show we can.
2021 Goals: To be competitive. We don’t need to win; we need to compete with purpose and contribute to the product we’re giving to our fans.
What makes the Outlaw Midgets fun? For us, the outlaw midgets give us a reasonable price point to get into racing. Everyone we’ve met in the club has been gracious and helpful. Likely this is why so many people have stayed in this club for so many years.
Drivers to Watch: With this being our first year in the club, we’ve watched more hours of YouTube videos of past races and learned a lot. The club appears competitive and things change night to night and one track to another. I’m not sure we could isolate one or two racers to watch for, but I can say we’ll be watching and learning from every one of you.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the list

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