Can-Am Midgets

2021 T.Q. Can-Am Midget Drivers to Watch Part 2

Kelly Costigan | Short Track Musings

With each season that comes up in the T.Q. Can-Am Midgets, there is always a list of drivers that everyone is keeping an eye on, wondering how they’re going to perform.

As always, be sure to comment with your thoughts – whether positive or negative.

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Brody Rickwood

2021 Plans: Be a front runner every week and to keep the car clean as always!
2021 Goals: My biggest goal is to go for a feature win; but if not, we will try our best to have a top-three car each week.
What makes the T.Q. Midgets fun? One of the biggest parts is how great the entire club is with each other on and off the track. If you need help getting the car fixed or setup for next week someone is always willing to help. When we are on track, everyone leaves space and shows respect for each and every car on the track.
Drivers to Watch: My picks would be (Daniel) Hawn and (David) Mathers. They have both put in a ton of work this winter and I think it is all going to pay off for both of them!

Cassidy March

Each season, it seems the March family team is making changes to their program in hopes of finding improvement to run closer to the front. There have been signs of greatness, too, as evident by some of those performances allowing Cassidy March to run up front. It’s just a matter of time before the hard work comes together and the checkered flags come.

Paul Harrison

Often overlooked in the beginning stages of his career, Paul Harrison is proving experience and hard work can lead to success. The 2020 season may have been a short one, but a top-five at Sunset Speedway showed the beginning of what the future may hold.

David Mathers

2021 Plans: With this season, we have completely reworked the car and made some major changes that we hope will significantly improve the performance of the car. With that, we hope to get a good handle on the new setup then hopefully get a top-three finish in a race and top 10 in the championship.
Goals: Get a handle on this new machine and start turning more competitive laps.
What makes the T.Q. Midgets fun? This class is like none other period. We can race a competitive car at really affordable prices. With this club, it is also a community we are fairly new and even in my first season I had teams constantly approaching us offering advice and help it was incredibly welcoming! We are a family.
Drivers to Watch: Number 1 guy to watch out for is Brody Rickwood. He is fast and good behind the wheel. He works too hard on that car to not be a threat each week.

Craig Pitchell

Although he saw his feature and early last year at Flamboro Speedway with a spin, Craig Pitchell is not someone to take your eyes off. He proved he can do something open-wheel style with a victory in the Pro Sprints, and should be able to carry that success into the T.Q. Can-Am Midgets with some more experience under his belt.

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