Can-Am Midgets

2021 T.Q. Can-Am Midget Drivers to Watch

Kelly Costigan | Short Track Musings


With each season that comes up in the T.Q. Can-Am Midgets, there is always a list of drivers that everyone is keeping an eye on, wondering how they’re going to perform.

As always, be sure to comment with your thoughts – whether positive or negative.

Daniel Hawn

Plans: Our plans for the 2021 season to what I think everyone’s plans are, and that’s to win and run for a championship! This is no easy task in this club. We are also still very new to these cars and are making serious gains each time the car hits the track. We have built a brand new car front the ground up that will be run by Darren McLennan which I am so very excited for. This will be my first full build and we are excited to have Darren behind the wheel.
Goals: Like I stated before – my goal is to win. I work very hard on my equipment and I’m lucky to be able to provide my team with the best equipment to get the job done. I think a realistic expectation is to be able to consistently run in the top-five. I would love to bring home a few feature wins and be in contention for the championship. I’m also going to be focusing on the new build and making sure that Darren has a piece that he can put in victory lane as well.
What makes the T.Q. Can-Am Midgets fun? The atmosphere and the cars in general. These things are rockets and who doesn’t like 14,500 rpm!! When I came to the club and rented one of Mack DeMan’s cars, I knew right from the start this is where I wanted to be. The club is run top notch and with over 50 years of history who wouldn’t want to be apart of it.
Drivers to Watch: Jeff Blackburn and Brody Rickwood. Both have new cars and I know will be bringing there best each week. Also, Craig Pitchell. He has put the practice time in and we have worked closely together getting the car more comfortable for him. I’m confident Craig will be one of the drivers to watch come this year. I’m really hoping we can get his car in victory lane a few times. It would be as much of a win for me if that happens. That’s just three names that come to mind. A lot of drivers in this club can win any night; it’s just who is working hard at home in the shop and who is doing their homework. There seems to be the passing of the torch happening with people like Darren Dryden, Mack DeMan, Steve Murdock, Adam Racine all selling there cars. It’s anybody’s game come this year and we’re hoping to be the one grabbing that torch.

Jeff Blackburn

Plans: To run a full 18 race schedule with the TQ Can Am Midgets. Unsure about Covid – we may be running only a third of that. Either way, I’m excited to be back out on the track.
Goals: I have high expectations going into this year. With a purchase of a new car (the old 40 of Mack Deman, Andy Mackereth), my number one goal is to win a championship. I’m looking to have consistent runs and finishes up front to put myself in a good position come the end of the year and championship night. It’s going to be a interesting year.
What makes the T.Q. Midgets so much fun? The series is a talented, respected club around here and in the states. It’s fast, opened wheel, bumper to bumper, wheel to wheel racing. The men and women who run in this series come from a competitive background and can always put on a great show. As a travelling series with a long schedule, people run into problems throughout the year. You’ll find teams helping one another in the paddock on race night or during the week in between the next event. The officials that have continued to be with the series and the new ones that come and go have always been amazing to deal with. As competitive as it is, you can always find the teams enjoy a cold one after those checkers have flown.
Drivers to Watch: I feel the series is in a big turnover stage. We lost a few good drivers, but also gained a few others. I think this year goes without question Daniel Hawn is a top dog to watch out for this year. He’s a good driver and equipment always on point – followed by Craig Pitchell in his hot rod. Also, Luc Munsie and Paul Harrison in their new TQs which were both championship cars, and I can see Brody Rickwood being strong this year with his new Mackereth TQ (sister car to mine). Looking forward to a great year with them all.

Luc Munsie

Plans: To run full time. We have two schedules made – a regular season schedule which we are all hoping will happen, or a Covid schedule. No matter what, Munsie Racing will be at all events running with the new car.
Goals: Consistent top-five runs, or even better to finish on the podium. We have acquired a new car and are coming out in full swing for 2021.
What makes the T.Q. Midgets so much fun? The club is amazing. I mean first off, the series is so cost effective to run. My wife and I are on a budget and we don’t even come close to that year in and year out. The main thing is this is my second family; everyone helps everyone. On and off the track, and whether you are a threat to win or not, everyone helps. Drivers to Watch: There are a few to keep an eye on in 2021. Jeff Blackburn has acquired a new and fast car (which he can announce for himself); he was quick at both races last season. (No.) 42 of Daniel Hawn is always fast; he works on his car day in and day out, and he makes his cars and his brother (Tyler) in the (OSCAAR) Hot Rod Series fast. He will be a winner in the TQ Midgets any race now. I would say those two and Cassidy March is quick . They built a new car for Sunset and it was quick until running out of fuel. Look out for him this year.

Stay tuned for part two featuring a few more drivers. 

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