Victoria McLenon Feeling “Anticipation and Excitement” Entering 2021

After getting her feet wet behind the wheel this past season, Victoria McLenon is ready to go for 2021.

“My thoughts going into the season are nothing but anticipation and excitement,” she told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “I love the feeling of being free while behind the wheel.”

Knowing this will be her first full year behind the wheel, she has set her goal on winning Rookie of the Year, while having fun and enjoying herself along the way.

“I will strive for this by getting as much seat time as possible, while surrounding myself with my supportive team and family,” she added.

McLenon ultimately got a big taste of motorsports last season, with her first two times events behind the wheel coming during invitationals as part of Peterborough Speedway’s shortened COVID-19 campaign.

“Driving in the invitationals was absolutely amazing,” she shared. “Everyone at the track welcomed me with so much warmth and helped guide me where to go, and gave me the rundown. It was very anxiety inducing at first but after a few bumps here and there I realized it wasn’t bad at all!”

Seeing McLenon behind the wheel came as no surprise to anybody, as her family has always been interested in racing, from watching NASCAR on TV, to her uncle Shawn Solomon racing at Peterborough.

“My uncle has recently made a new car and was really supportive when I showed interest in racing,” she commented. “He took me to practice in his now backup car, and I fell in love immediately. If it weren’t for my uncle, this would not have been possible for me, and I am so thankful.”

As she notes, Solomon is her number one supporter, and has been very beneficial in already teaching her about racing, while coaching her by explaining “what I’m doing right, and how I can improve little by little.”

For their support thus far, McLenon “would also like to thank my team, family, friends and everyone who has supported me throughout – and especially a big thank you to my uncle, Shawn Solomon.”

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