Flamboro Speedway

Shawn Solomon on Running Upfront – “It meant everything to me.”

Each season, there is a driver that comes out and surprises fans, going above their perceived expectations with their results. One of those who was able to accomplish this feat in 2020 was Shawn Solomon.

Debuting a brand new car, he managed to squeeze in three race nights between Peterborough Speedway and Flamboro Speedway, putting together two heat wins and three runner-up feature finishes.

“It meant everything to me to know that under the right circumstances I can compete with the top bone stock drivers in Ontario,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “There are a lot of good drivers and fast cars in our division and to be included in the conversation with them, and by them, is an amazing compliment to my team and an amazing feeling for me personally – although it will be a challenge living up to what we accomplished in such a short time in 2020.”

If everything comes together accordingly with the schedules, Solomon expects to race the full season including the Autumn Colours Classic at Peterborough Speedway, while partaking in two or three events at Flamboro Speedway, including Frostoberfest.

“I’ve learned that in racing having expectations can lead to mistakes, however my goals this year are to go out there be as fast as I can be, have fun and hopefully win a feature and maybe even a championship if everything goes right,” he commented.

Being able to insert himself into the title conversation at Peterborough will not be easy, as Canada’s toughest 1/3 mile oval has grown a reputation of having the strongest Pure Stock division in the province with several front runners on a weekly basis. Knowing the competition, Solomon says getting more seat time will be critical.

“Put as many laps down in the new car as possible, learn the lines and braking points, and listen to the advice from other drivers who are faster and have more experience than I do,” he added. “Never stop learning.”

Being able to be a champion at Peterborough would see everything come for circle. as his interest in motorsports began at the track, watching his cousin Randy MacDonald compete – and NASCAR on the television set at home. The interest kept growing, with him deciding to turn his old road car into a race car while upgrading his new one.

As a fan, he says his racing hero locally was Johnnie Miracle, but “overall it’s for sure Darrell Waltrip; he was a ton of fun to watch in his prime.”

Now knowing what it takes to get the job done behind the wheel, his advice to those getting started is try to get as much seat time as possible.

“Seat time is worth way more than you realize,” he commented. “Practice as much as you can and never stop learning and improving, and also remember to have fun.”

For their support of his program, Solomon would like to thank his sponsors, crew and most importantly his family for being there along the way.

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