Flamboro Speedway

Wally Wilson Ready to Continue Building Late Model Experience

After getting his feet wet in Late Model competition last year, Wally Wilson is set to continue building experience in 2021, with a mix of events between Sunset Speedway, Flamboro Speedway, and the APC Late Model Series.

“My goals for the late model this season are as usual – to continue to improve each time out in it, and learn as much as possible,” Wilson told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “I expect we’ll have good runs this season, my goal is a few top 10s!”

Wilson was able to run a pair of events at Flamboro Speedway, along with an APC event at Sauble Speedway.

“Looking back on it, I must say Pro Late Model racing in Ontario truly is the best of the best,” he commented. “There’s so much incredibly talented drivers from experienced guys like JR Fitzpatrick, to up and coming younger guys like Kyle Steckly; it definitely was a humbling few races we got in with the late model!”

With those first few starts under his belt, Wilson feels if he can improve his entry into the corner, he will be able to find some more speed.

“That’s where I’m losing the most time; everywhere else I’m decent,” he explained. “I’ve also realized, I need to be a lot more aggressive with my driving style, which is something I’m going to work on a lot this year!”

Notably, there was some initial surprise in seeing Wilson debut behind the wheel of a late model, knowing his team was already busy with an Outlaw Midget and OSCAAR Modified. However, it was an opportunity he could not pass up while buying Gary Elliott’s modified in 2019.

“An offer came up for both cars that we couldn’t refuse, and we ended up with the Late Mode,” he shared. “It was always a goal of ours as a team to get to that stage, and many think we’re crazy for making another jump from the Modifieds, but it’s definitely an exciting one. It will be amazing to see what the future holds for me with late model racing!”

Ultimately, as Wilson points out, there was a love for the division beyond just the recent years, in enjoying the raw talent of the drivers behind the wheel going to Sauble Speedway as a fan.

“The Late Models were usually the last race of the night,” he recalled. “I’d get to see guys like Josh Stade, Robbie Thompson, Tom Gibbons, and many others who would travel up to Sauble. I loved the speed, the sounds of the engines; over the years they’ve only gotten faster. The more I learn about the cars and follow along with more late model series, it’s truly the highest stage for short track racing. Late models are always the races you stay on the edge of your seat for, whether it’s a 50 lap shootout, or 400 lap race!

“The big money races always bring out the high class drivers like Bubba Pollard and many others; it’s insane! They’ve always been one of my favourite cars to watch on a weekly basis and my love for them has only grown over the years!”

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