Flamboro Speedway

Josh Stade Eager to Get Back to APC Series Competition

It may seem like forever, but the APC Auto Parts United Late Models of Ontario Tour will finally get its first green flag at Jukasa Motor Speedway on Saturday. One of those drivers hoping to have a successful day at Canada’s Crown Jewel is Josh Stade.

“I think everyone is going to be eager to get back to Jukasa,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS.”There is always a lot of build up to getting back to Jukasa. It’s a beautiful facility and a lot of fun to run on. With everyone dealing with COVID, the build up of getting back and running a race there is higher than ever.”

Stade was able to run solidly last year at the half-mile oval, scoring an 11th-place finish last year.

“Jukasa is so big and fast,” he commented. “I feel consistency is the biggest factor at Jukasa each lap matters here more and more. You’re carrying so much momentum and speed one bobble and you could lose everything you worked so hard to gain.”

Being able to finish strong isn’t going to be easy, as several of the front runners have already stated their intentions of being part of the show on Saturday.

“The competition keeps growing more and more each year,” he commented. “I think a lot of people underestimate how much talent and hard working people there are in our sport in Ontario.”

Stade knows just how tough it can be, ranking 13th last year in the series standings with two top-five’s and three top-10 finishes. There’s been a focus on improvement in the Stade Motorsports shop, with the team purchasing a second car in hopes of getting more track time.

“We want to learn more and more and we have had our sponsors step up with the same vision as us,” he added. “I’m very hands on in my program and typically in the race shop every night. Seat time is a huge part of learning and growing. So the ultimate goal was more seat time coming into 2020.”

Beyond Jukasa, the APC Series will have three other events this season – Sauble Speedway on August 22, Flamboro Speedway on September 12, before returning to Jukasa Motor Speedway on September 26.

“Looking ahead to Flamboro and Sauble, we are thrilled that these tracks have stepped up to the plate and allowed us to have an event at each facility,” Stade commented. “We have really been working on our program and trying new things. My first Pro Late win came at Flamboro, and my first championship in Late Model came at Sauble. We’re just trying our best to work hard and learn as much as we can to put ourselves in contention to compete at the front.”

Prior to having actual racing on-track, the fans were treated to some virtual competition with the stars of the series competing through iRacing.

“I feel it was great for APC to put IRacing together not only for fans and drivers,” he said. “But in the future during the off-season, I feel they should do a mini series again. It’s great exposure for racers sponsors and fans.”

Aside from iRacing, the break from on-track action has seen Stade working a lot more than other summers.

“It’s been a busy summer,” he commented. “But we still have managed to test the car and tweak little things in hopes to better our program on and off the track.”

Be sure to tune into http://www.GForceTV.net on Saturday, August 8 to watch the action from Jukasa Motor Speedway live.

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