Can-Am Midgets

Darren Dryden Continues Winning Ways in T.Q. Can-Am Midgets

Known for being quick, Darren Dryden has not slowed down through the winter as he dominated en route to winning the T.Q. Can-Am Midget feature this past Saturday at Flamboro Speedway.

The afternoon started off a little messy, with Brody Rickwood going around while challenging Paul Harrison on Lap 6. Daniel Hawn scored the victory in the first heat ahead of Darren McLennan, Dominique Smith, Harrison, David Mather, and James Stanley.

Darren Dryden won the second qualifier ahead of Jeff Blackburn, Luc Munsie, David Miller, Craig Pitchell, and Cory Whittam.

Come feature time, David Miller started pole ahead of Darren McLennan, Luc Munsie, Darren Dryden, Jeff Blackburn, Daniel Hawn, Paul Harrison, Domique Smith, David Mathers, Craig Pitchell, Brandon Hauck, Cory Whittam, James Stanley, Cassidy March.

Miller grabbed the early lead ahead of McLennan and Dryden, with Dryden getting the runner-up spot on Lap 2, bringing Munsie, Blackburn and Hawn through with him. McLennan now ran sixth ahead of Smith and Hauck.

Dryden made his move on Lap 5, taking the top spot ahead of Miller, Munsie, Blackburn, Hawn, McLennan, Smith, Hauck, March, Harrison, Whittam, and Pitchell. Hauck would get alongside Smith for seventh on Lap 9, taking the spot two laps later. Smith now ran eighth ahead of March, Whittam, Harrison, Pitchell, and Stanley. The race’s first caution came out on Lap 12 for Blackburn slowing with a issue.

Dryden got a good restart to keep the top spot, with Hawn moving into second, as Miller and Hauck ran side-by-side for third. Hauck took the spot on Lap 14 ahead of Miller, March, Munsie, Smith, Whittam, Pitchell, Harrison, and Stanley. The race would be slowed to a caution five laps later for Whittam going around in turn four.

The first two attempts at restarting the event saw the yellow flag return for Pitchell. The third attempt also saw the caution, this time for McLennan stalling on the frontstretch. The fourth attempt saw another spin for Pitchell, ending his race early.

The fifth attempt went cleanly, with Darren Dryden getting the win ahead of Daniel Hawn, Brandon Hauck, David Miller, and Darren McLennan. Cory Whittam finished sixth, followed by Dominique Smith, Paul Harrison, Luc Munsie, and James Stanley. Cassidy March finished 11th, followed by Craig Pitchell and Jeff Blackburn, while Brody Rickwood and Dave Mathers failed to take the green flag.

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