Donny Beatty Looking to Have Fun at Peterborough Speedway

“This year, I am just looking to have some fun, and do the best I can.”

After racing in a variety of different classes over the past seasons, Donny Beatty is ready to tackle another one as he’ll be competing in Peterborough Speedway’s Late Model class.

“I have driven in a lot of different classes and the Late Models have always been my favorite class to try,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “So I made a deal with the Hot Rod Series car to trade for the Late Model. Peterborough Speedway is my favorite place to race and its close for my family to come and watch.”

Being behind the wheel of a new car, Beatty recognizes that it will be a learning year, but says that he wants to “try and get faster each week” this season.

For the veteran, racing has always been part of his life as he fell in love with the sport as a child, and would go regularly to Brighton Speedway to watch his brother Larry race. Ultimately, he would build his own car and begin racing in 1986.

“I have a lot of great memories racing,” he reflected. “I guess the year I won the Autumn Colours Classic in the Thunder Car and the Championship at Peterborough in 2003. Being a home track car and starting on the pole, led all 50 laps.”

With his experience gained through the past several years, Beatty’s advice to someone getting started is to find good sponsorship, and be very patient on the track.

“I have had some great advise from some of the best drivers and that has helped me a lot,” he added.

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