Flamboro Speedway

Reece Bourgeois Hopeful for Smoother Campaign at Flamboro in 2020

After having her season end early last year at Flamboro Speedway, Reece Bourgeois is ready to get back on-track in 2020.

“I am excited to get back out on the track after a very short season last year due to a big hit beginning of June that took me out till September for recovery and rebuilding my car,” she told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS.

With plans of running the full campaign, she is focused on improving her speed and skills each time that she gets out on-track, in hopes of taking home the Rookie of the Year honors.

Admittedly, it’s no easy feat looking back on the year that she had in 2019 following the early season wreck.

“To be honest, it is very hard to process because of the accident and surgery,” she admitted. “I was extremely nervous getting back out on the track and racing again. I’m thankful for the Pure Stock class at Flamboro for all their kindness and encouragement both during my recovery and my return to the track racing.”

For Bourgeois, racing has been part of her entire life as she began attending events when she was six months age.

“I started begging my mom to race at a very young age to which I heard ‘No,No No’ every time I asked,” she recalled. “She finally decided to let me run pure stock last year at the age of 14. Being at the track watching races week after week growing up and now driving that car that’s out there racing is such an amazing feeling.”

With having spent several years at the track, she has developed a bunch of fellow competitors that she looks up to.

“My hero is all the guys and girls that get out there and run week after week,” she commented. “To choose just one is impossible because so many have taken me under their wing to help both off and on the track.”

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