“They Said What?” Outlaw Midgets Edition

Sometimes when you stick a microphone in front of a driver’s face, you have no clue what they may say and a couple of times you’ll hear something that surprises you or gives you a bit of a perspective.

Throughout the 2019 season, I had the opportunity to speak to a bunch of different competitors. During those interviews, there were some quotes that stood out. So it seems only fitting we take a glance back through the year at what was said.

“It’s complicated in some ways. You go out and race hard against the guy and sometimes things happen, right? So you come back, you get a little heated, but then after you had your say, you go back and say sorry about that and this is a total mistake and I shouldn’t have done that, and you move on. That’s part of the family – you have your say and you move on.

“Then it’s up to the veterans to teach that respect to the new ones coming in. I had to take one of the new guys after he crashed me out and said, ‘In a case like this, you go make sure that guy is okay, because there’s kind of etiquette to do that with family. Then you see if you can help him out because that’s how we are.’”

Kevin Spiez

“I enjoyed racing with the Outlaws because it feels like a family. I enjoy racing with everybody, and going out there and having fun. It’s like a second family. I have my family at home which comes with me to the races – my son – and then the Outlaws. It’s not always perfect, but everything itself works out, right?

“Actually, I had a few surprises with my family, too. My cousin came out to the track, and I never actually thought she’d come out to the races.”

Wayne McKibbon 

“He is constantly thinking of improvement and random texts of a sketch or math equation on a paper towel from his peanut butter toast @ 1:00am. I always respond with my thoughts. Its a Days of Thunder relationship; he is Harry and I am Cole. Tuesday night is race car night and always has been; with Brian,Larry and myself and Paul a quick text/call away, we get a lot done in a night. Final touches are then done late at night by Larry and a can (or2) of Peroni beer.

“Being fast is not just one person its a team. We are ready to race when the car comes off the trailer and each guy knows his responsibility at the track and there no second guessing each other as we all trust each other’s work. The weeks preparation makes my job easier on the track.”

Jody Bound

“My dad has been racing a long time, and he’s a really good coach and helps a lot. If I make a mistake, he’s pretty calm about it. He’s helpful as he tells me ‘you did this, but you’re supposed to do this,’ so try next time. He’s actually helped a lot coming from go-karts going to oval track. It’s a lot different, especially with the suspension in the other car.”

Julia Capirchio

“A lot of people underestimate the skill these drivers have. We’ve grown a lot over the last four seasons since I joined, and with the constant growth each season it seems, we’ve got a handful of rookies joining each season. The class is strong!”

Wally Wilson

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