Parker Traves Exceeds Expectations in Ontario Legends Series Campaign

With consistency through the season, Parker Traves put together an impressive campaign in the Ontario Legends Series.

“It was a good, definitely we exceed our expectations coming into the year,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “We had some very good runs and hopefully we can keep that momentum rolling into the 2020 season.”

Running up front on a weekly basis allowed the No. 60 team to put together one of their best seasons to date, with Traves scoring a runner-up in the year-end standings.

“My favourite moment would have to be finishing second at Sauble speedway,” he commented. “Ran on the outside for 10 laps for the lead with Keith McLeod on the inside.”

Now as his focus shifts to 2020, Traves says that improving their tire program moving forward would be critical, as that’s where they struggled this year. He noted that his team runs “a small budget and just simply couldn’t put new tires on like we should of to compete for wins.”

The series released their schedule a month ago, set to visit four different facilities across the province.

“The scheduling is great,” he said. “A very nice variety of track to go too. Seeing Flamboro and Sauble on the schedule a few more times has caught my eye and has me pumped up because I feel like my strong suit is at flat tracks.”

Boasting some of the biggest competition across the province, the field continues to grow with new drivers each season. To those who are just getting started, Traves kept his advice simple.

“My best advice would have to be just got out and Learn to drive the car and not over drive it,” he said. “Just go out and practice.”

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