Full Throttle Motor Speedway

Rick Woolner Memorial Scheduled for FTMS @ Varney in 2020

One of the biggest open-wheel modified events to win each season will happen once again in 2020.

The 21st Rick Woolner Memorial is tentatively scheduled to be run at Full Throttle Motor Speedway @ Varney on August 29.

Track owner Gord Bennett elected to choose that date as a result of “the local modified class being off for a few weeks around” the 29th, adding that “will probably be the best opportunity to have a well attended race for the Modified Invitational.”

Details surrounding the event, with regards to length and qualifying format, are set to be revealed as we near closer to the running of the race. Of note, there has been a change in hands with who is running it, as Julia Woolner-Stewart has handed the reigns over Connie and John.

“Going into the 20th anniversary Jim and I had a plan,” she released in a statement. “It was the 20th anniversary of Rick’s passing and we wanted to try and make it special for a number of reasons. So with the help of Gord Bennett, we were able to return the RWM to Rick’s home track where we have all believed it belonged without a doubt.It would be an invitational not a sanctioned event . We also wanted to bring the racers together for it that raced with Rick and I made it clear to my family that this would be MY last time doing the memorial because of my own personal plans I had.

“I spoke to my niece and nephew Connie and John and it was agreed between us that I would hand the memorial reins over to them and all decisions concerning the memorial would be theirs (if and how…meaning the format it would be run because I would never expect my family members or anyone to carry on with how I did it ). I was speaking to Gord a couple of days after the race and he had said he would like to keep the memorial at the track. I had explained to him that Connie and John would be in charge of it from now on and that he could contact me and I would put him in touch with them when the time came. He said ok.

“It will be John and Connie’s call and at this moment neither of them are in the position to make that call due to circumstances that are out of their control right now. I hope that everyone will respect that for now.”

Woolner began his racing career in 1983 in street stocks, before moving up to the sportsman/late model classes, and eventually the open-wheel modifieds. He would race all across Ontario and the northeastern United States, scoring 55 feature wins and 170 heat wins. With his health declining, he stepped out from behind the wheel in 1999, before passing away on August 22, 1999 as a result of cancer.


Past Race Winners:
1999- Jason McLellan
2000- Gary McLean
2001- Gary McLean
2002- Gary McLean
2003- Peter Walker
2004- Gary McLean
2005- Gary McLean
2006- Brian McLean
2007- Justin McLellan
2008- Gary McLean
2009- Gary McLean
2010- Gary McLean
2011- Gary McLean
2012- Brent McLean
2013- Gary McLean
2014- Gary McLean
2015- Gary McLean
2016 – Gary McLean
2019 – A.J. Emms

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