Full Throttle Motor Speedway

OBSERVATIONS: Full Throttle Motor Speedway All Muscle Sportsman Class

From the first green flag of the season to the last checkered flag flown, it was certainly an exciting year for the All Muscle Sportsman Class at Full Throttle Motor Speedway, with lots of battles back and forth on a weekly basis.

With all of the points night results tallied together, here is the final statistical observation piece of the season.

1.5 was the best average finish of all drivers, set by Kevin Gallant and Mike Bentley, across two features a piece.

1.5833 was the second-best average finish of all drivers, set by Cory McAllister, across 12 features

2.125 was the third-best average finish of all drivers, set by Brandon McConnell, across eight features

2.25 was the fourth-best average finish of all drivers, set by Jared Gill, across 12 features

2.75 was the fifth-best average finish of all drivers, set by Brandon Redmond, across four features

3rd was the sixth-best average finish of all drivers, set by Brandon Huras, Billy Alderson Jr., Alvin Nicol, and Mike Ford

feature wins for McConnell made for a successful campaign

drivers scored more than five top-five finishes – McAllister (12),  Gill (12), McConnell (8), and Travis McLean (7)

of McLean visited victory lane in July

feature wins for McAllister led the way in 2019

different drivers won a feature in 2019

10th of August saw Bentley visit victory lane

12 top-five’s and top-10’s for McAllister and Jared Gill led all drivers this season

17 of Gill won a pair of features en route to a runner-up in the standings

19 different drivers scored a top-five finish in 2019

23 different drivers scored a top-10 finish in 2019

23 different drivers ran a feature in 2019

26 of Dalen Martin visited victory lane in June

50 of Redmond won the opening feature of the season

61 of Gallant won the second feature of the season

241 points separated McAllister and Gill at season’s end

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